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We hope you will enjoy reading about Fitchburg, Wisconsin as it developed from a sparsely populated township to a group of small communities and finally to a vibrant and diversified city encompassing nearly all of the township of Fitchburg in Dane county.

Upcoming Events

Annual Meeting of the Fitchburg Historical Society
Time: 1:30 PM, Sunday, April 30, 2017
Place: Meeting Room, second floor Fitchburg Public Library
5530 Lacy Road, Fitchburg, WI 53711
Cost: The meeting is open and free to the public

After a brief FHS business meeting where we will elect new board members, we will have the following presentation to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the US entering World War I.

Beyond the Trenches- Stories of Wisconsin Men and Women in World War I by Russell Horton

The son and grandson of Army veterans, Russell Horton is the Reference & Outreach Archivist at the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. He earned his undergraduate degree in history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and master’s degrees in history and library science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is also the author of an award-winning article, “Unwanted in a White Man’s War: the Civil War Service of the Green Bay Tribes.” Russ began working at the WVM as a graduate student in 2001 and has worn many hats, processing manuscripts and cataloging objects before accepting his current position in 2008. He helps researchers ranging from genealogists to professional historians learn about the stories and sacrifices of Wisconsin veterans.

Grand Army of the Republic Flag Holder

Flag Holder LR.jpgIn 1987  the Oak Cemetery Association, which had been formed in 1853, was left with only two aging members. With no prospects of acquiring new members the cemetery was turned over to the City of Fitchburg. The cemetery was closed to new burials and the Parks Department took over the chore of mowing and keeping the cemetery neat and orderly. They also took responsibility of placing flags at the veterans’ graves each Memorial Day. During the original clean-up process they found a broken and rusted remains of a Grand Army of the Republic flag holder. With no knowledge of whose grave this was from they turned it over to the Fitchburg Historical Society. The relic has been sandblasted and is now kept in the archives. The words over the center pictorial read: Grand Army of the Republic, and below: 1861 Veteran 1866.

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How well do you know Fitchburg?

1. What material was used to build the McKenna barn?
Hint          Answer
2. When and by whom was the Kinney farm first settled?
Hint          Answer
3. What are the names of Garrett Barry’s 4 sons who came to Wisconsin in 1848?
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Display Case

March display.JPGThe Fitchburg Historical Society display case is located near the Fitchburg Room on the southeast corner on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library.  The display case highlights a variety of historical items throughout the year.  When the displays are changed, they focus on Fitchburg events and people and/or historical happenings of community interest

The current Fitchburg Historical Society display case remembers the 100th anniversary of the United States entry into World War I.  This display complements our April 30 annual meeting speaker, Russel Horton from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum who will talk about “Beyond the Trenches – Stories of Wisconsin Men and Women in World War I”. The Display also honors people from Fitchburg who served during the war both overseas and on the home front.  We proudly remember the courage of those people who participated in the Great War and thank them for their long-ago service and sacrifice.

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