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We hope you will enjoy reading about Fitchburg, Wisconsin as it developed from a sparsely populated township to a group of small communities and finally to a vibrant and diversified city encompassing nearly all of the township of Fitchburg in Dane county.

New obituary project started

The FHS has a large collection of over 1,000 obituaries of individuals that had an association with Fitchburg. We currently have the list of deceased individuals from this collection on our Obituary webpage along with links to online obituaries primarily from 2009 to present. Recently we have obtained permission from the Wisconsin State Journal and the Unified Newspaper Group to display images of these obituaries on our website. In addition to links to their obituary images we are adding links to burial information. Obituaries with last names beginning with A are now in the new format.  Click here to see.  Finally, we have a tabular database similar to our FHS Photos Database and Civil War Vets Database. This FHS Obituary Database contains the birth and death dates and places, all names published in the obituaries and cemetery information. The FHS Obituary Database is now available with last names beginning with A.  As with our other databases, viewers of this database can do searches using a web browser.

The project will take several months to put all the current obituary information on our website and the database will be updated every couple of months there after with new obituaries so check back periodically to see new information. We wish to thank Elizabeth Leith, Senior Curator of Anthropology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison campus and her students Megan Bernards, Kelsey Breen, Virginia Fetzer, Jackson Rohde, Onah Rongstad and Caroline Schlingsong for donating their time to scan and extract information from the obituaries. This project was funded in part by a grant-in-aid from Wisconsin Historical Foundation, Inc., administered by Wisconsin Council for Local History, Inc.

Short Articles

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How well do you know Fitchburg?

1. What type of wall décor was used in the Anderberg House?
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2. How long did Philip Fox serve in the Civil War?
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3. Where is Paul Archie Brown, a World War I soldier, buried?
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Display Case

The Fitchburg Historical Society display case is located near the Fitchburg Room on the southeast corner on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library.  The display case highlights a variety of historical items throughout the year.  When the displays are changed, they focus on Fitchburg events and people and/or historical happenings of community interest

Jan 2018 Display LR.jpgThe Fitchburg Historical Society display case looks back on the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic. This past world-wide medical happening had lethal consequences for many people around the globe. Even currently, the flu impacts our lives. The display complements our April 22 annual meeting speaker, Mary Hayney, Professor of the University of WI School of Pharmacy, who will talk about “The 1918 Flu Pandemic and Dealing with the Flu Today”. By remembering the events of the past, we aim to defuse the epidemic of the future.

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What’s New?

We will regularly update our website with new information and will highlight this new information here along with the date it was added. If you have suggestions for a topic of interest or would like to contribute an article please contact us.

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