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We hope you will enjoy reading about Fitchburg, Wisconsin as it developed from a sparsely populated township to a group of small communities and finally to a vibrant and diversified city encompassing nearly all of the township of Fitchburg in Dane county.

Signature Quilt Displayed in Fitchburg RoomQuilt FR

This signature quilt was planned and sewed by Miss Bessie Purcell as part of a raffle held on November 15, 1903 by the St. Elizabeth’s Aid Society to help the poor of the Madison area. The center of the quilt contains a picture of St. Raphael’s church. The rest of the quilt contains embroidered names (many from Fitchburg) and simple designs. Individuals paid 10 cents for each name or 1 dollar for a square. Kathleen O’Dea and Colleen O’Dea Potter loaned the quilt to the Fitchburg Historical Society for display in the Fitchburg Room on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library. The quilt will be refolded periodically so that all names will be visible at some point.

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Annual Meeting Sunday, April 22Annual meeting

The Fitchburg Historical Society had its annual meeting April 22. At the meeting, 4 board members, Rich Eggleston, Kay Phistry, Catherine Schneider and Allan Tereba were each reelected to another 3-year term. Adrianne Imilkowski presented a short background presentation on the 1918 influenza pandemic and Professor Mary Hayney (picture at right) from the UW Pharmacy School presented the keynote address on how influenza virus works, how it caused the 1918 pandemic and how we are dealing with influenza virus today. The meeting had over 50 people and generated a large number of thoughtful questions.Annual meeting 2

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Display Case

The Fitchburg Historical Society display case is located near the Fitchburg Room on the southeast corner on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library.  The display case highlights a variety of historical items throughout the year.  When the displays are changed, they focus on Fitchburg events and people and/or historical happenings of community interest

Display 043018 LRThe City of Fitchburg WI completed its 35th year of being a city in April 2018. The Fitchburg Historical Society display case describes some of the historical steps leading to city status. In 1979 private citizens in Fitchburg circulated a petition in the first step of the legal process to change the Town of Fitchburg to a city. A referendum about city status was passed by the Fitchburg electorate but the results were contested by Madison WI. However, the WI Supreme Court upheld the validity of the referendum in April 1983, so Fitchburg became a city on April 26, 1983. CONGRATULATIONS FITCHBURG, YOU HAVE COME A LONG WAY!!!

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