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We hope you will enjoy reading about Fitchburg, Wisconsin as it developed from a sparsely populated township to a group of small communities and finally to a vibrant and diversified city encompassing nearly all of the township of Fitchburg in Dane county.

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There have been no additional nominations for the 4 open board member seats. As it is now past the deadline for additional nominations the four candidates, Eric Amlie, Adrianne Imilkowski, Carole Kinney and Barb Tereba are elected to 3 year terms ending in April 2023.

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Short Articles

An important part of Fitchburg’s history has been described in local neighborhood association newsletters. These newsletters describe everyday events in the neighborhoods and looking back at old newsletters one can get a sense how neighborhood interactions have changed over time. The following article Winning “One” for Skunk Hollow is taken from the book In Our Own Words: The Best of the Dunn’s Marsh News edited by Mary Mullens who has given the Fitchburg Historical Society permission to publish some of the stories. The book can be viewed online at

The Marlborough area of the Dunn’s Marsh neighborhood, called Skunk Hollow by people living there is bordered by Lumley south to Clover and Seminole Highway to Danbury and Whenona. The following story, written by Ron Melvin in 1976 described a key neighborhood baseball game.

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Display Case

The Fitchburg Historical Society display case is located near the Fitchburg Room on the southeast corner on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library.  The display case highlights a variety of historical items throughout the year.  When the displays are changed, they focus on Fitchburg events and people and/or historical happenings of community interest

Ida Wyman display.jpgThe FHS display case remembers the life and photographic work of Ida Wyman, master photo journalist. She started using a camera at an early age and photography became her life’s work. Ida was curious about people and things so she recorded her feelings with her camera. Through the camera lens, Ida would produce documentary photographs showing everyday events in the world around her. The pictures in this display present some of her cross country travels from New York to Los Angeles in the mid twentieth century to capture bits of Americana. Ms Wyman had photographs published in Life and Look magazines at a time when few women did that kind of work. She received more acclaim for her work in later years as people came to enjoy the gallery presentation talks that she gave during her photo exhibitions. Her photographs can be found in many galleries across the United States and around the world. We honor her memory as we reveal her interesting story by showing some of the pictures she cherished. THANK YOU IDA WYMAN – you will be sadly missed.

Melanie Herzog, PhD, a Dean of Edgewood College, has agreed to reschedule her discussion of the career and photography of Ida Wyman at our annual meeting in the spring. Professor Herzog, an art historian, has written essays about Ida Wyman’s contributions as a photographer. We look forward to her talk about “Ida Wyman, acclaimed photographer of everyday life”.

Wisconsin State Journal obituary New York Times obituary

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