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We hope you will enjoy reading about Fitchburg, Wisconsin as it developed from a sparsely populated township to a group of small communities and finally to a vibrant and diversified city encompassing nearly all of the township of Fitchburg in Dane County.

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New material added to the FHS website May 20, 2023

The video of the Fitchburg Historical Society annual meeting April 23, 2023 featuring Traci Schnell talking about Historical Places: Valuing Our Past and Moving into Our Future has been placed on our Fitchburg Historical Society YouTube website. A links to this presentation as well as other video links can be found on our Video Presentations webpage.

Liz Kopling, AVP, Marketing and Communications at Agrace is interviewed by Catherine Schneider from the Fitchburg Historical Society.  She describes The Growth of Agrace from one building to many buildings in several locations featuring several levels of care. This and other video presentations can be found on our Video Presentations webpage.

Short Articles

The Fitchburg Historical Society Internet Resources

The Fitchburg Historical Society was created on February 15, 1987 with 80 charter members. The city of Fitchburg provided some limited storage space which changed from place to place over the years. Due to this limited space the FHS decided to primarily limit their collection to photographs and documents. The following describes some of the results of our efforts to make our collection widely available using the internet.

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Display Case

The Fitchburg Historical Society display case is located near the Fitchburg Room on the southeast corner on the second floor of the Fitchburg Public Library.  The display case highlights a variety of historical items throughout the year.  When the displays are changed, they focus on Fitchburg events and people and/or historical happenings of community interest.

FHS DisplayThe display case highlights some of the many activities and events that occur in Fitchburg during the upcoming summer months. There are events for the whole family and events geared to specific age groups.  These events not only draw people living in Fitchburg but also people from the surrounding area.

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