Centennial Farms

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The Centennial Farm program in the United States began in Pennsylvania in 1937. This was followed by Wisconsin and Michigan in 1948 and now has a program in 42 states. While differences exist between programs, all require a family to have owned a farm or ranch for 100 years, or in the case of the Sesquicentennial Farm, for 150 years. These awards in Wisconsin are to honor those families who have dedicated their life to Wisconsin farming for 100 or 150 years.

Centennial and Sesquicentennial Farms (Click on farm names to view details)

  1. Adams Farm
  2. Barry Farm
  3. Byrne/Garey Farm
  4. Carlson/McGaw Farm
  5. Cohee/Terwilliger Farm
  6. Fahey/Monks Farm
  7. Harty/Fahey Farm
  8. Fox Farm
  9. Haight Farm
  10. Kinney Farm
  11. Lacy Farm 1
  12. Lacy Farm 2
  13. O’Brien Farm 1
  14. O’Brien Farm 2
  15. Purcell Farm
  16. Vroman Farm
  17. Whalen/Barry Farm
  18. Lacy/Whalen/Barry Farm

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