Historic Businesses

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For most of Fitchburg’s 170 plus years of history it has been largely a farming township with small communities surrounded by farmland. These communities, often containing a stage coach or train stop, provided the opportunity to build general stores, taverns, inns, blacksmith shops and frequently one-room schools which also served as community gathering points. With the switch from wheat crops to dairy farming, dairies were built that delivered milk not only to local neighborhoods but to Madison as well. To store hay and house the cow herds, barn builders were in demand. While the peak of farm related business activity was in the first half of the 20th century, the history of these businesses plays an important part of Fitchburg’s history even today.

Below is our current list of historic businesses that were located in Fitchburg. Clicking on a name will take you to a webpage containing a brief history of the business.

Fitchburg Historic Businesses

  1. Bancroft Dairy Companies
  2. Blaney Farms, Inc. 
  3. Bowman Farm Dairy
  4. McCoy Ice Cream Dairy
  5. Quarry Hill Dairy Farm
  6. Wendt’s General Store
  7. Werth Capital Fur Farm