Military Service

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The United States has been involved in several wars during its history and Wisconsin has played a part in most of these wars both as a territory and as a state. Greenfield, organized in 1847 as a separate town having been split off from the town of Rome, changed its name to Fitchburg in 1853 (see history here). Although sparsely populated for most of its history, Fitchburg residents have nevertheless contributed to most of the country’s war efforts. This webpage is designed to give recognition to Fitchburg war veterans and will be updated as available records are researched.

Listed below are links to FHS webpages that give short descriptions of Fitchburg’s military service contributions to United States War efforts and pdf files that when clicked on will open in an Internet browser. The pdf files contain personal and service information on each Fitchburg resident that served in the military during wartime and can be browsed or searched using the browser find function. The pdf files also have links (noted by blue text) to the history of each regiment listed and in some cases to the cemetery where these soldiers are buried. Use the browser back arrow to return to the FHS website. It should be noted that at this time these records only contain people that were Fitchburg residents at the time they entered military service. Some of these individuals moved away from Fitchburg after their military service and some veterans who are not listed moved to Fitchburg after the war.  Names of veterans buried in Fitchburg’s Oak Hall Cemetery can be seen here.

To recognize Fitchburg military personnel, a Veterans Memorial was erected in 1975 in the Gorman Wayside Veterans Memorial Park. The history of this park and memorial is described here.

Civil War (1861 – 1865)

Spanish-American War (1898)

Although Wisconsin contributed 5519 individuals for this war, there were no Fitchburg residents.

World War I involvement (1918 – 1919)

World War II involvement (1941 – 1945)

Korean War (1950 – 1953)

Viet Nam War (1959 – 1975)

Gulf War (1990 – 1991)