Family History Books

The following is a list of family history books that are in the Fitchburg Historical Society reference library.  These books cannot be checked out.  To view them please make an appointment by either emailing or phoning the Fitchburg Historical Society.

Barry Family of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, The , by Frank Barry
Byrne, James and Alice Kinney Family History, by Teresa M. Lalor
Fox Family of Kilcoursey, by Philip Fox
Fox Family Genealogy, by Elizabeth Fyfe Spearman
Kinney Family of Irish Lane, The, by Thomas P Kinney and Carole S Kinney
My Life, by Lucille V Gorman
Relatively Speaking, A Mandt Famly Saga, by Paul H Mandt
Sweeney Family History, by Dick E. Sweeney
Times to Remember, A Family History, by Wayne Salisbury
Those Whom We Know (Donaghey & Patterson Families), by Mary D. Patterson