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Fitchburg Chamber Visitor + Business Bureau

Like most areas in early Wisconsin history, Fitchburg began as a rural community with a few businesses catering to the needs of the local farmers (General History). With the introduction and expansion of dairy farming in the 1880s, Fitchburg emerged as a center for dairies that served Madison and the surrounding area (Fitchburg Dairies). The growth of Madison and its encroachment into northern Fitchburg by the late 1970s made land values more profitable for homes than dairy farms. Then in 1983, a Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling established Fitchburg as a city (Fitchburg Becomes a City) and cemented its status as a true suburb. With its lower property values and its close proximity to downtown Madison, Fitchburg attracted small local businesses as well as national and international corporations.

With a population of about 30,000, Fitchburg now has over 750 businesses. The Fitchburg Historical Society is in the early stages of obtaining the history of these businesses to document the transition of Fitchburg from a rural farming community to a diverse community supporting both rural and suburban lifestyles as well as providing affordable locations for leading technologies. If you own or work at a Fitchburg business please help us obtain the history of your business.  You can contact us using our contact webpage or send questions and/or your business history to

Below is our current list of companies located in Fitchburg that have provided their history. Clicking on the name will take you to a webpage containing their contact information, a brief history of the company and an interactive Google map showing their exact location.

Fitchburg Businesses

  1. Agrace
  2. Bavaria Sausage
  3. Benjamin Plumbing
  4. Benvenuto’s Italian Grill
  5. Bilancio Eyewear
  6. Break Away Sports Center
  7. Bricks & Minifigs
  8. CDW Corp. (Berbee Information Networks)
  9. Certco, Inc.
  10. Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company
  11. DC Interiors & Renovations
  12. Dragonfly Hot Yoga
  13. Edward Jones – Stephanie Blankenheim
  14. Edward Jones – Denise Faust
  15. Edward Jones – Curt Arnold & Matt Miron
  16. Edward Jones – Brad Stepp
  17. Eplegaarden
  18. Fitchburg Cycles
  19. Fitchburg Family Pharmacy
  20. Fitchburg Farms, LLC
  21. Fitchburg Serenity Club
  22. Fitch-Rona EMS
  23. Ganshert Nursery and Landscapes, LLC
  24. General Beverage
  25. General Communications
  26. Gordon Flesch Company
  27. iCOMBAT
  28. Independent Living, Inc.
  29. J. W. Jung Seed Company
  30. K & A Gardens
  31. Kelly-Moss Road and Race
  32. Liliana’s Restaurant
  33. Mapping Specialists
  34. Me & Julio
  35. Midwest Decorative Stone and Landscape Supply
  36. Mooyah
  37. Noble Knight Games
  38. Oak Bank
  39. Odyssey Veterinary Care
  40. PEGEX, Inc.
  41. Placon Corporation
  42. Sub-Zero Group, Inc,
  43. Tabby & Jack’s
  44. Terso Solutions
  45. Tingalls Graphic Design
  46. Tri-North
  47. Ward-Brodt
  48. Wingra Stone Company / Wingra Redi-Mix, Inc.
  49. Woods Hollow Children’s Center
  50. Yahara Bay /Distillers

The map below identifies the locations of the above listed businesses to show where current Fitchburg businesses are generally located but does not identify each business. However, each business history webpage now has an interactive Google map for that business to better identify their exact location.

Fitchburg Bus map 50.jpg