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2625 Research Park Dr., Fitchburg, WI 53711

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Tri North photo 2.jpgTri-North was started in a 700 square foot office by founders Joe Donnino, Donald Jones and Thomas Thayer in 1981.  By 1985 their reputation for detail and high quality made it necessary to build a new 3,500 square foot office and shop area. The 1990s brought a nationwide presence, a new 26,000 square foot office and a branch office in Milwaukee.  With increasing sales, the business became an employee owned company exceeding over 100 million dollars in sales by the end of 1999. As the 21stcentury began they opened an office in Dallas, TX (later moved to Fort Worth, TX). This period also led to the building of a new 53,000 square foot high efficiency headquarters in Fitchburg. With continued growth a new office was opened in Carlsbad, CA in 2010. That year Tri-North launched Nova Retail Group, a division of the company based in Portsmouth, NH that focused on space planning, interior design and high-performance environments.

Tri North photo 3Tri-North’s success lies in its quality, dedication and above all its full-service construction management. Pre-construction services include designing that fits the needs of the buyer, an assessment of life-cycle costing, material assessment, site analysis risk assessment, subcontractor bidding, sustainability consulting among other things. During construction Tri-North provides project management, onsite supervision and cost control management. Once built Tri-North handles all the post-construction services including certificates of occupancy, operations and maintenance manuals, owner trainings and warranty.