Bike Trails and Paths

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Do you find yourself biking, jogging, or walking on one of the many bike, or multi-use, paths in Fitchburg, and wonder how they came to be?  Or, about the stories that may be behind the path?  For an article that will provide some of this information for the regional trails and paths, and many of the important local paths, click on Riding FitchburgL Bicycle Paths below.  Click on the trail and path names below to go directly to the page containing the history of the indicated trails and paths.

Riding Fitchburg: Bicycle Paths
Military Ridge Trail
Capital City State Trail
Badger State Trail
Cannonball Path and Military Ridge Path
Fish Hatchery Road Bike Path
East Cheryl Parkway Bike Path
Syene Road and Swan Creek Bike Paths
Lacy Road
Seminole Highway
Oregon Rotary Trail
Fitchburg Heritage Circle Route

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Bike trails