Fitchburg Dairy Farms

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Farming was an essential part of life for most people when Wisconsin was being settled in the 1800s. Farms typically had one or more cows to provide the daily staple of milk but were not used for economic purposes. During the 1890s dairy farming became prominent in Wisconsin as a way of life following the collapse of wheat farming in Wisconsin. This revolution is explained in the video How Cows Created Wisconsin beginning about minute 35. Dairy farming in Fitchburg was very prominent in the first half of the 20th century with 114 dairy farms in the 1940s and 50s. As suburban life spread in the northern part of Fitchburg dairy farming waned and today only 4 active dairy farms remain.

Dairy Farms in Fitchburg, WI – 1940s & 1950s

Compiled by: Bill Kinney April, 2016 5339 Irish Lane, Fitchburg, WI
Consultants: Paul Lacy, Roger Cohee, Tom & Jeannie Caine, Cliff Hageman

Irish Lane Farms
Lawrence Mandt
Herb Blaney
Frank McAlister
Wilfred C. Kinney
Joseph Fahey
Tom Fahey
Harold Christensen
Les McFarland
Lacy Road Farms
George Evert
Ed Blaney
Seymour Johnson
Sam McGaw
Jack Latham
Bob Eby
Eugene Richardson
Glen Osmundsen
Vin Lacy
Ed Richardson
McKee Road Farms
Lyman McKee
Bill McKee
Byrne Road Farms
Ed Kivlin
Tom Caine
Clarence and Albert Byrne
Joe Comfort
Joe Caine
Highway M Farms
Ray Devine
Joe Kivlin
York Keenan
State Farm
Harvey West
Harold Thoelke
Frank Caine
Swede Jones
Ed Rowe
Wally and Leonard Herman
George Barry
Phil Barry
Glen Usher
William Sweeney
Art McGowan
Cliff Hageman
William Batker Sr.
William Batker Jr.
Roy Clapp
Garfield and John Schmid
Whalen Road Farms
Otto Amherdt
Elmer Fletcher
Maurice Whalen
Richardson and Taylor
Ivan Fluckiger
Purcell Road Farms
Earl & Stanley Blizzard
Howard Larson
Vincent Purcell
Blizzard Road Farm
Stanley & Earl Blizzard
Grandview Farms
E.H. Richardson
Art Fleming
Don Grady
Adams Road Farms
Alvin Bavery
Charlie Hall
Bob Purcell
Highway MM Farms
Paul Fisher
Clarence Dollson
Claude Lyons
Joe Haight
Donald Gill
Melvin Cohee
George & Bill White
Bill Pollow
Walter Uphoff
Schneider Brothers
John Sheil
James Stone
Albert Lang
Carl Weaver
Syene Road Farms
Reginald Sweeney
Jos. Sweeney
Ed Jones
Ted & Bill Stoneman
Jerry Brewer
Leo Skelly
Ged Gundlach
Caine Road Farms
Bob Doerfer
Fish Hatchery Road Farms
Al Keller
Bowman Dairy
John Purcell
Al Gallagher
Carl Pulver
Tom Byrne
Jim Fahey
Tom Gorman
Niles Schley
Ed Goetzke
Al Lobeck
Jess Hall
Lloyd Doerfer
J.F. Litel
Webb McManus
Bob Barry
Russ Jones
Seminole Highway Farms
Clarence Rockwell
Gerald Dunn
Leslie O’Brien
Gerald, Leo, & Ed O’Brien
Vincent Dunn
Gordon Vroman
Mutchler Road Farms
Leo & Paul Lacy
Wilson Mutchler
Phil Grady
Fitchburg Rd. Farms
August Koster
Eric Barth
Goodland Park Rd. Farm
Mareno Larsen
East Clayton Rd. Farm
J.M. Clayton
Rimrock Rd. Farm
Ernest Schuepbach