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Throughout most of human history structures have been built to live in, worship, play and work. In most cases these buildings had finite life spans depending on building material and would be left to decay or torn down and replaced with newer structures. Because of the relatively recent habitation of Fitchburg starting in the late 1830s and its continued rural character in the southern half of the city, several 19th and early 20th century buildings still exist. Five of these buildings are on the National Register of Historic Places and several others including two 19th century cemeteries, one still in operation, are on the Fitchburg Landmarks Preservation list. Other sites and buildings of local historic value are also listed below.

It should be noted that some of these buildings are currently being used as private residences so please respect the owners and ask permission if you would like to take photographs or walk around the premises.

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Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places

  1. Fox Hall
  2. Nicholas Haight Farmstead (also known as Spooner’s Swan Creek Farm)
  3. McCoy Farmhouse
  4. John Mann House
  5. Wisconsin Industrial School for Girls

Sites on the Fitchburg Landmarks Preservation List

  1. Nott/Barry Residence
  2. Oscar Mayer Observatory
  3. Oak Hall Cemetery
  4. Pritchard/McManus House
  5. St. Mary’s Cemetery
  6. Rueden Property

Other Sites of Local Historic Interest

  1. Bowman Farm Dairy
  2. Nevin Fish Hatchery
  3. Matthews Hatchery
  4. McKenna Barn  (demolished 2017)
  5. Camp Badger School
  6. Syene School
  7. Cheese Factory
  8. Stoner School
  9. Vroman Family Farmstead
  10. James Whalen House
  11. Fitchburg Center School
  12. Veterans Memorial
  13. Town Hall
  14. Oregon Catholic Parsonage/Van Sickle House
  15. Fish Hatchery School
  16. Lake View Stagecoach Hotel
  17. Philip Barry Farmstead
  18. Patrick Barry House
  19. Wendt’s General Store
  20. Maple Corners School
  21. Osborn Farmhouse
  22. Werth Capitol Fur Farm
  23. Anderberg House (demolished 2009)

Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory – Fitchburg
353 structures as of April 25, 2020

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