Osborn Farmhouse

Osborn Farmhouse
2927 Co Hwy MM, Fitchburg, WI

1899 Southerland LR

1899 plat map, section 12

The Osborn Farmhouse was built in 1901 on property that was owned by Henry J. Southerland. This farmland was in the Southerland family since at least 1873. A year before the farmhouse was built, a barn was erected.

By 1931, Gunder S Mandt owned the farmland with the house and barn. By 1947 the farmland with house and barn had been sold to Eugene E. Osborn. This property would remain in the hands of the Osborn family. Duane Osborn, the son of Eugene, became the owner when Eugene died in 1973. Dale Osborn, the son of Duane became the owner of the farmland when Duane died in 2018.

Osborn land house LR

1947 plat map, section 12                                             Osborn farmhouse