Obituary Names N to R

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with N, O, P, Q or R for which we have obituaries. After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Nachreiner, Elaine Ruth (nee Pschorr)  Obit  Cemetery
Nager, Samuel  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Nangle, Bridget  Cemetery
Nangle, Patrick  Cemetery
Narum, Edwin Glynn  Obit  Cemetery
Natzke, Paul A.  Obit
Neill, Margaret (nee Roche) Obit  Cemetery
Nelson, Bruce E. “Sarge”  Obit  Cemetery
Nelson, Debra E.  Obit  Cemetery
Nelson, Jessie R. (nee Ripton)  Obit
Nelson, Les  Obit
Nelson, Marjorie Thea “Marj” (nee Sather)  Obit  Cemetery
Nelson, Robert M.  Obit
Neuhauser Podell, Mary  Obit
Newell, Sarah “Sally” (nee Ellis)  Obit
Nichols, Judith Anne (nee Hudson)  Obit  Cemetery
Nilles, William Julius  Obit
Nimlos, Carol (nee Malila)  Obit  Cemetery
Noftle, William  Obit
None, Dean V.  Obit  Cemetery
Nordness, Eleanor (nee DelMastro)  Obit  Cemetery
Norgord, Doris M. (nee Schluenz)  Obit  Cemetery
Norland, Allyson Renae  Obit
Norwell, Charles John “CJ”  Obit  Cemetery
Novara, Ernest Joseph “Nunzio”  Obit
Novara, Mary Lou (nee Kerwin)  Obit
Nowak, Mary Ann (nee Bielec)  Obit
Nye, Sewell, Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, Amanda C. (nee Hessman)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
O’Brien, Catherine (nee Brannon)  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, Cornelius F.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, D. Gregg  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, Emmet Sarsfield  Obit
O’Brien, Esther V.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, James Leo “Jim”  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
O’Brien, Joseph  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
O’Brien, Leo F.  Obit
O’Brien, Margaret (nee Brannan)  Obit
O’Brien, Martha T.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, Mary E. (nee Dunn)  Obit
O’Brien, Maurice  Obit  Cemetery
O’Brien, Michael Guy  Obit
O’Brien, Patrick James  Obit
O’Brien, Virginia Rose “Ginny” (nee Swenson)
  Obit  Cemetery
O’Connell, David J.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Neill, Cecelia Alice  Obit  Cemetery
O’Niell, David  Cemetery
O’Neill, Elizabeth  Cemetery
O’Neill, James M.  Obit  Cemetery
O’Neill, Mary  Obit  Cemetery
O’Neill, Nellie (nee Donelly)  Cemetery
O’Neill, Robert James  Obit  Cemetery
O’Regan, Sonja Pamela  Obit  Cemetery
Ochalla, Regina  Obit
Oftedahl, Reidar Nicholas  Obit  Cemetery
Oldham, Helen A.  (nee Latham)  Obit  Cemetery
Olson-Reynolds, Mackenzie A.  Obit  Cemetery
Olson-Solberg, Karen (nee Sickles)  Obit  Cemetery
Olson, Dale Ralph “Ole”  Obit
Olson, David Patrick “Dave”  Obit
Olson, Heather  Obit  Cemetery
Olson, Ruth Marie (nee Dettwiler)  Obit  Cemetery
Onsrud, Alice R. (nee Richardson)  Obit
Orth, Vicki E. (nee Hanson)  Obit
Orvold, Elizabeth (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Osborn, Duane  Obit  Cemetery
Overland, Hattie E. (nee Scheidegger)  Obit  Cemetery
Overland, Norman I.  Obit  Cemetery
Owens, Randy Paul  Obit  Cemetery
Packard, Rae Ellen (nee Rauch)  Obit  Cemetery
Paddock, James S.  Obit  Cemetery
Pagel, Daniel William  Obit  Cemetery
Palmer, Caroline  Obit
Palmer, Della Grace  Obit
Palmer, Edward Walter  Cemetery
Palmer, William  Obit  Cemetery
Panneck, Mary Lee (nee Lehner)  Obit  Cemetery
Pantos, Irene Teresa (nee Pronin)  Obit  Cemetery
Parks, David Kent  Obit
Parnell, Shelly Ann  Obit
Partio, Hilda Sophie (nee Waarala)  Obit  Cemetery
Paul, Fred J.  Obit  Cemetery
Paulson, Vylla Mae “Vi” (nee McArthur)  Obit  Cemetery
Paus, Evelyn G. (nee Gundlach)  Obit  Cemetery
Pelletter, Michael M.  Obit
Penn, S. Joan (nee Wigger)  Obit  Cemetery
Pero, Stanley J. “Stan”  Obit
Perry, Cindy Lee (nee Maso)  Obit
Peterson, Maxwell James  Obit
Peterson, Phyllis Elaine (nee Corbett)  Obit

Peterson, Rosemary “Rosie” (nee Montalto)  Obit  Cemetery
Pfund, Herman  Obit
Phillips, Kathleen A. (nee Purcell)  Obit  Cemetery
Pierce, Frank III  Obit
Pineda, Josefina “Josie”  Obit
Pionek, Phil  Obit
Piotrzkowski, Rejane (nee Lablanche)  Obit  Cemetery
Pirus, Lee Anne (nee Arbegust)  Obit
Pittinger, Hazel M.  Obit
Pleus, Inez (nee Berfield)  Obit
Pollow, Waunetta M. (nee Rowe)  Obit  Cemetery
Ponti, Susan J. (nee Noftle)  Obit  Cemetery
Predith, James Benjamin “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Presby, Bernice K. (nee Kleist)  Obit  Cemetery
Prestigiacomo, Frank Patrick  Obit  Cemetery
Preston, John Charles  Obit
Priboth, Brody Robert  Obit  Cemetery
Pritchard, Lydia Day (nee Guild)  Obit  Cemetery
Pritchard, Philander M.  Obit  Cemetery
Pronin, Dimitri F.  Obit  Cemetery
Pronin, Tatiana  Obit  Cemetery
Pschorr, William E. “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Puddester, Lu Marie (nee Kelleher)  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Arthur Hill  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Dolores J. (nee Inman)  Obit
Purcell, Donald T.  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, LeRoy E.  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Michael Kelbel  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Richard T. “Rich”  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Richard Vincent  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, Robert John  Obit  Cemetery
Purcell, William M  Obit  Cemetery
Radermacher, Kathleen “Cassie” Wiener (nee Harloff)  Obit
Raisbeck, Bonnie J. (nee Barry)  Obit  Cemetery
Rajek, Mary Kay  Obit
Raley, Dennis Arthur  Obit  Cemetery
Ramsey, Alton Gordon Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Rand, Ruth Maxine (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Rathbun, Arlene L. (nee Chase)  Obit  Cemetery
Rathbun, Donald C. Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Ray, Beverly Hope (nee Allbaugh)  Obit  Cemetery
Raymond, Charles Jeffrey “Jeff”  Obit
Reddan, Elizabeth (nee Howard)  Obit  Cemetery
Reddan, William Gerald “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Reed, Donald C.  Obit
Reilly, Laurie Joan “Laura”  Obit  Cemetery
Reilly Schuler, Suzanne Rae “Suzy” (nee Burns)  Obit  Cemetery
Rem, Dave  Obit
Remeika, Frances Grace (nee Busse) Zwickey, Scoll  Obit
Remsik, James R. Obit  Cemetery
Remsik, Richard John  Obit
Renken, James Eugene “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Rethard, Lois (nee Vesley)  Obit
Reyes, Nancy K.  Obit  Cemetery
Reynolds, Lyman Edward Jr.  obit
Reynolds, Margaret (nee Leyogn)  Cemetery
Reynolds, Thomas  Cemetery
Reynolds, Thomas P. “Tom”  Obit  Cemetery
Riccio, Dolores “Dee” (nee O’Brien)  Obit  Cemetery
Rich, Jane L. (nee Hoyt)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Agnes  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Agnes B. (nee O’Brien)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Darlene Ann (nee Frazier)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Edward Eugene  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Ellen H. (nee Henderson)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Erwin James “Jim”  Obit
Richardson, Garnett Ellen “Garney” (nee Herrington)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Gerald Eugene  Obit
Richardson, Gordon Vincent “Gordy”  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Ralph H.  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Ruth (nee Fleming)  Obit  Cemetery
Richardson, Sue A. (nee Beyler)  Obit  Cemetery
Riddiough, Carol (nee Flynn)  Obit  Cemetery
Riddiough, Lazelle C. “Bud”  Obit  Cemetery
Rife, Anthony L. “Tony”  Obit
Ringeisen, Joseph Francis  Obit  Cemetery
Ripp, Paula (nee Kraml)  Obit  Cemetery
Ritchie, Lavon Obit  Cemetery
Ritchie, Mary A. (nee Ward)  Obit  Cemetery
Roberts, David Eugene  Obit  Cemetery
Rock, William, Dr.  Obit
Rockwell, Clarence Elmore Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Rockwell, Clarence Elmore, Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Rockwell, Frieda (nee Duerr)  Obit  Cemetery
Rockwell, Ruth Mae (nee Guild)  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, Elizabeth  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, Eveline A. (nee Gilbert)  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, Jane (nee McKeeby)  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, John  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Roe, William L.  Obit  Cemetery
Roehlk, Laura Mae (nee Sharp)  Obit  Cemetery
Rogers, Annette Dionna “Netta”  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Rogers, Bert  Obit
Rogers, Royce Lyman  Obit  Cemetery
Rogers, Sion “Si”, Jr.  Obit
Roh, Rosalie Mae (nee Oliver)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Rohde, Harvey  Obit
Rohrer, Maria Louisa (nee Lucca)  Obit  Cemetery
Romano, Susan Ann “Susie”  Obit
Romberg, Martha N. (nee Nystrom)  Obit
Romberg, Michael H.  Obit  Cemetery
Rooney, Elizabeth “Betty” (nee Imhoff)  Obit  Cemetery
Rosas, Joseph  Obit
Rossdeutscher, Jane Sather  Obit
Rossiter, Daniel Richard  Obit  Cemetery
Rothermel, Phyllis (nee Wagner)  Obit
Rothwell, Henry Hampton  Obit  Cemetery
Rouleau, Irene L. (nee Grosskopf)  Obit  Cemetery
Rowe, Anita Jean (nee Michael)  Obit  Cemetery
Rowe, Donald Edward  Obit  Cemetery
Rowe, George  Obit  Cemetery
Rowe, Gerald Frank “Jerry”  Obit  Cemetery
Rowley, Eleanor C. (nee Schlimgen)  Obit  Cemetery
Rowley, Lawrence A. “Larry”  Obit  Cemetery
Roy, Mary Lou (nee Traut)  Obit
Roy, Rosalie Ann (nee Midstokke)  Obit
Royal, Charles B. III “Trip”  Obit
Russell, Alfred F. “Bud”  Obit  Cemetery
Russell, Michael Allen “Mikey”  Obit
Ryan, James Francis “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Ryan, Jeanette Virginia (nee Dremsa)  Obit  Cemetery
Ryan, Ronald L. “Ron”  Obit
Ryder, Beverly Ann (nee Brehmer)  Obit
Ryder, Lawrence William “Bud”  Obit  Cemetery