Letterhead LR.jpgThe Fitchburg Historical Society publishes a newsletter two to five times a year. Newsletters will be available on this site and also will be sent to current members of the Fitchburg Historical Society.  The newsletters contain announcements of upcoming events and articles on a variety of topics. To become a member click on the fhs-membership link below. That will bring up a Membership form in pdf format.  This form can be filled out on line and then printed and sent to the indicated address along with your check.

We also have a database that contains all our newsletters.  This searchable database can be found on our FHS Databases webpage.

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A well-written book on the history of Fitchburg, Wisconsin can be purchased from the Fitchburg Historical Society or from the Fitchburg City Hall.

Irish Settlers of Fitchburg, Wisconsin 1840-1860  by Thomas P. Kinney examines the Irish arrival in Fitchburg and the formation of the three major Irish settlement areas, and looks at how these settlement areas were instrumental in building a thriving Irish – American community in Fitchburg that has continued to this day. $15.00

To purchase book:

1) Go to the front desk of the Fitchburg City Hall – 5520 Lacy Rd. 53711

2) Obtain from the Fitchburg Historical Society.  Print and fill out the book part of the fhs-membership form (click on fhs-membership above) and send with check to the address indicated on the form.  There is a $7 shipping fee.