Wisconsin History Books

The following is a list of Wisconsin history books that are in the Fitchburg Historical Society reference library.  These books cannot be checked out.  To view them please make an appointment by either emailing or phoning the Fitchburg Historical Society.

Badger History, Vol. 17, 1964
Badger History — Irish in Wisconsin, March 1978, State Historical Society of Wisconsin
Centenarian Spirit in Wisconsin, The, 2000, editor Florence Rosner, Bureau of Aging….
Grand Army of the Republic, by Thomas J McCrory
History Just Ahead {Guide to Wisconsin’s Historical Markers), 1999 by ed. Sarah Davis McBride
History of Wisconsin, The Vol 4 — by John D. Buenker
History of Wisconsin, The — Vol 5 -— by Paul Glad
History of Wisconsin, The — Vol 6 — by William F. Thompson
Old World Wisconsin,_ by Fred L. Holmes
Patterns of History 1835-1899, Authentic Nineteenth Century Patterns, 1976, State Historical Society of WI
Pioneer Photographer, Wisconsin’s H H Bennett, by Sara Rath
“Quisconsin”, They Called the Land — by James Clark
Songs of a Badger, by Joseph Warren Wallace
Wisconsin by Zane Williams
Wisconsin Council for Local History 1003-2004 Roster, Historical Societies and Museums
Wisconsin’s Famous and Historic Trees by R. Bruce Allison and Elizabeth Durbin
Wisconsin Gazetteer 1853, by John Warren Hunt