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Fitchburg Historical Society Meeting Talks

Apr 22, 2018  Influenza Pandemic: Remembering 1918 and Dealing with the Flu Today  by Adrianne Imilkowski and  Professor Mary Mayney
Apr 17, 2016  How Cows Created Wisconsin  by Ed Janus
Nov 3, 2012  How the Wall Mural of the Fitchburg Village Was Made by Rich Eggleston
Oct 24, 2010  The Circus by Fred Dahlinger
Feb 28, 2010  Railroads That Once Ran Through Fitchburg by Verne Brummel
Mar 17, 2007  Irish Settlers In Old Fitchburg by Carole Kinney

Interviews on FACTv City of Fitchburg

Aug 20, 2019  Memories of the Kellor Store by Marilyn Kellor Bogen, Florence Kellor Pleyte and Eileen Kellor
Aug 2, 2019  Tour of the Fitchburg Historical Society by Catherine Schneider
Jun 28, 2019  History of Fitchburg School System by Catherine Schneider
Jan 31, 2019  FHS 2019 Update by Catherine Schneider
Dec 27, 2018  Doll Hospital by Ann O’Brien and Catherine Schneider
Oct 25, 2018  FHS Fall Meeting Preview by Adrianne Imilkowski
Aug 21, 2018  O’Brien House part 1 by Catherine Schneider
Jul 31, 2018  Early Fitchburg History by Adrianne Imilkowski
May 31, 2018  Becoming a City  by Rich Eggleston
May 10, 2018  Signature Quilt Display by Kathleen Maureen and Colleen O’Dea
Mar 1, 2018  1918 Flu Pandemic by Adrianne Imilkowski
Jan 25, 2018  Winter in old Fitchburg by Bill Kinney
Dec 21, 2017  Historical Christmas story by Catherine Schneider
Sep 28, 2017  FHS Update on fall meeting by Catherine Schneider and Adam Dorn
Aug 24, 2017  Miniatures by Char Millisor
Jul 27, 2017  Fitchburg Fire Department by Chief Joe Pulvermacher and Catherine Schneider
May 25 2017  Train Depot Bike Stop by Bill Hauda
Apr 27, 2017  World War I by Catherine Schneider and Dianne Reynolds
Mar 30, 2017  Centennial Farms by Adrianne Imilkowski
Mar 1, 2017  FHS website tour by Allan Tereba
Nov 2, 2016  The History of Quivey’s Gove Cooking by Adrianne Imilkowski
Oct 13, 2016  Food Traditions of our Neighborhood by Rich Eggleston
Sep 29, 2016  Early Fitchburg settler story by Rich Eggleston
Aug 25, 2016  How Fitchburg Became a City by Rich Eggleston
Aug 25, 2016  An old Fitchburg bear story by Rich Eggleston
Jul 20, 2016  New FHS President by Allan Tereba
Jun 30, 2016  Railroads in Fitchburg by Verne Brummel
Apr 17, 2016  Role of Dairy Farming in Wisconsin by Winnie Lacy and Catherine Schneider
Mar 10, 2016  Train History of Fitchburg by Verne Brummel
Nov 19, 2015  Fitchburg Historical Society by Catherine Schneider and Winnie Lacy