McKenna Barn (Demolished 2017)

McKenna barn 1.jpgIn 1856 Martin and Janett McKenna, who were born in Ontario, Canada, bought land along Seminole Highway north of Lacy Road.  Over the next 25 years they increased the size of their farm by buying adjacent property that had been depleted of nutrients from repeated wheat farming.  During this period they built a stone barn located on the east side of Seminole Highway about half way between McKee Road (Highway PD) and Lacy Road.  The stone was probably obtained about a half mile to the west where there are still stone quarries.

McKenna barn 2.jpgBy 1899, the land with its stone barn had been sold to David Byrne. Sometime between 1911 and 1931 the land was sold to John Dunn. This land with its stone barn remained in the Dunn family until 2017 when the stone barn was deemed unsafe and torn down due to a large wide crack in one of the stone walls.  The land was sold to Blackhawk Church which began building a church in 2018.

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John Dunn Gerald Dunn.jpg

John Dunn and Gerald Dunn, owners