Nicholas Haight Farmstead

Haight farm LR.jpg

Location: 4926 Lacy Rd, Fitchburg, WI
National Register of Historic Places, 93001162
October 29, 1993

Nicholas Haight Farmstead (also known as Spooner’s Swan Creek Farm) is Fitchburg’s most recent addition to the National Register of Historic Places. It is visible from County Highway MM.

John Catlin originally purchased the property in the SW corner of Section 12 in 1842. He sold the undeveloped land to Edwin Spooner, from Massachusetts, in 1854. The Haight family settled on the farm in 1867.

The wood frame house on the site was constructed along Greek Revival lines circa 1854-55. Four additions have been made to the original house, all of which pre-date 1900. As a result of the additions, the house has attained a U-shaped configuration. In addition to the house, the property includes a smokehouse, barn, corn crib and granary. The barn is a braced timber construction with pegged, squared half notching supplemented with iron spikes. A long, sloping wood shingle gable roof tops the structure. The building is classified as a transverse crib barn. It was probably erected prior to 1880.

The smokehouse is balloon frame and vertical board construction with a gable roof. A timber frame very similar to the barn supports the granary. A 19th century corn crib stands next to the granary.

Most of the farmstead’s buildings were constructed in the 19th century and they have stood comparatively unchanged since the turn of the century. They represent an example of early Wisconsin farmsteading.

*The text with minor editing has been taken from the Fitchburg Landmark Preservation Commission website with permission.