Pritchard/McManus House

Pritchard house.jpg

Location: 1749 S. Fish Hatchery Rd., Fitchburg, WI

In 1843 Philander M. Pritchard moved with his wife and family to Oak Hall, sharing a house with a former schoolmate until he could build a log house. Mr. Pritchard was an accomplished clarinet player and The Pritchard Bros. were a good band of local musicians in the early history of Dane County and Wisconsin. In the late 1840’s he built the Greek Revival inspired red brick house currently on the homestead site. The Pritchard site is one of the earliest homes built in Fitchburg that is still standing. It is also the only building remaining of the once thriving Oak Hall community.

The house is an L-shaped two-story design similar to many farmhouses of the time. The section of the house running east west has a single gable, plain return roof suggesting the “Greek temple pediment”.

*The photo and text with minor editing has been taken from the Fitchburg Landmark Preservation Commission website with permission.