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5976 Executive Drive, Fitchburg, WI  53719
608 661-8600

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Ward-Brodt has a long history in the Madison area.  In 1914, T. Lane Ward and Cecil Brodt were employed at the new Hook Brothers Piano Company on State Street in Madison.  After gaining experience Ward and Brodt started their own company called Ward-Brodt Music in 1927.  In 1930, Lane Ward opened a new store on State Street while Cecil Brodt moved to North Carolina to open his own store.  However, the Madison store kept its name as Ward-Brodt.  Upon the death of Lane Ward in 1951, Charles M Faulhaber of Sheboygan, WI purchased Ward-Brodt and kept the store name.  Janet Faulhaber became president on the death of Charles and then passed the title to Michael Faulhaber in 1983.  Janet became the chairman of the board and Secretary. After moving, buying another music store and finally merging stores over 3 decades, they created Ward-Brodt Music Mall, a showcase for the music retailer.  In 2015, Ward-Brodt moved to a state-of-the-art facility in Fitchburg with over 14,000 square feet. Ward-Brodt remains a leading retailer for new and used music instruments as well as rentals, sheet music and music lessons.  About half of their business serves nearly 400 schools in 120 school districts.