Liliana’s Restaurant

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Liliana’s Restaurant
2951 Triverton Pike Dr., Fitchburg, WI 53711
608 442-4444

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Liliana’s is a New Orleans inspired restaurant named after Chef and Owner Dave Heide’s daughter Liliana.  We opened on Liliana’s first birthday in 2007, and have been active members in the community ever since.

Lilianas photo 2.jpgChef Dave went to school at Le Cordon Bleu and graduated top of his class before going out to California and working at some of the highest-ranking restaurants there.  After marrying his wife Tiffany Heide, he decided to move back to his hometown of Fitchburg, and raise his family.  He worked all around Madison, and finally decided that he wanted to open his own restaurant when he found out a baby was on the way.  Chef Heide’s parents met in New Orleans, and his love of the city never dwindled.  He wanted to bring the love and community present in New Orleans culture to Wisconsin.

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