Four Winds Farm

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Four Winds Farm
5735 Adams Rd
Fitchburg, WI 53575
608 835-5834

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In 2017, MaryAnn McKenzie bought 83 acres on what was once part of the Philip Barry Farmstead. Although the farmhouse had been demolished the barn, two silos, a pump house and corn crib were still standing although in poor condition. Having significance to the history of Fitchburg, she decided to restore the barn and corn crib for a local meeting place and educational events and to repurpose the land using Permaculture.

Permaculture is a philosophy of working with nature to provide a sustainable diversity of native plants that take advantage of the surrounding environment and use natural fertilizers and water management systems providing wetland ecosystems. Four WindsFarm currently has an oak, maple and black walnut forest, hay fields, a variety of orchards, a hop field, herb gardens and bee hives to help naturally pollinate the variety of plants. In the future they plan to add a pumpkin patch and raise sheep and chickens.4 Winds old LRBarn before renovation

To provide office space and small, medium and large event areas they began renovating the barn in September 2019. This included raising the barn 22 inches to provide more headroom on the first floor.  Additional foundations were added to provide an accessible entrance, elevator shaft and a meal preparation and dining area.  To provide more light on the second floor of the barn, windows were added in addition to a two story atrium.  New siding in the original red color was added along with a complete electrical update.  The building complex was officially opened in September 2020.

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The red marker denotes the northeast corner of the Four Winds Farm property. The entrance road is on the south side of Adams Road west of Fish Hatchery Road.