Gordon Flesch

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Gordon Flesch Company, Inc.
2675 Research Park Drive, Fitchburg, WI 53711
608 271-2100

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Gordon Flesch photo 2.jpgIn 1956 Gordon Flesch, a salesman for Royal Typewriters, acquired a 3M dealership and established the Gordon Flesch Company in Madison, WI. His first building was erected in 1958 and he began to include educational aids for businesses. With increasing sales, they move to a new building in 1968. Gordon’s son John joined the company in 1976, the first of several sons to join the business. The business keeps increasing with new buildings built in Columbus, OH in 1978, Milwaukee, WI in 1983, Geneva, IL in 1997, Indianapolis, IN in 2007, and Appleton, WI in 2012. Throughout these years they continue to add new companies and equipment to their list of business products for sale.  With increased sales they relocated their headquarters to Fitchburg, WI in 2005.

In 2009, Gordon Flesch Company created a professional services division as they gradually moved the company beyond equipment and service. While still selling and servicing office equipment, they have become a problem solving management company that helps companies select the best and most efficient equipment and approaches to develop and manage their businesses.

In addition to running their business, they understood that businesses can only thrive if the communities that surround them are also thriving.  With this charitable spirit in mind they have set up a charitable foundation to provide grants to local non-profits that assist people dealing with disease, illness or disasters.