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Placon Corporation
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Placon photo 3.jpgPlacon photo 2.jpgAfter spending 4 years in Hartford, CT working in R&D on plastic development, Tom Mohs returned to Madison and set up his own company on May 12, 1966 and named it Placon from Plastic Container. He built a small thermoforming machine in his basement and made plastic jewelry boxes. Business was slow but after 3 years he obtained many orders from local cheese companies. Although an exclusive custom thermoformer company, in 1980 he was asked to design small retail packaging that could be placed on peg hooks. Trademarked as “BlisterBox” this visible package became the industry standard and is used extensively worldwide.

Placon photo 4.jpgIn the early 1990’s as plastic containers proliferated worldwide, Placon became interested in using recycled plastic material. In 1992, Placon began making their products with recycled plastic (RPET). Placon was awarded the Wisonsin Governor’s Award for Waste Reduction in 1993. From 2001 to 2007 Placon developed containers for foodservices and clean room medical packaging.

As Placon grew they bought Barger packaging in Elkhart, IN in 20011 to expand their medical packaging markets, In 2014, they acquired Plastic Packaging Corporation in West Springfield, MA to get into the injection molded container industry.  In 2016, they acquired Brookdale Plastics in Plymouth, MN to expand their retail and medical markets. In 2019, Placon employed over 500 people at four locations and ranked #16 in sales among North American thermoforming companies. This is a testament to Tom Mohs’ innovative designs, focus on the customer, attention to safety, quality and sustainability.

Because of their commitment to the environment, in 2011 they built a 70,000 square foot building named EcoStar next to their headquarters to recycle plastic. As of 2019, they recycle over one billion PET bottles and thermoforms per year to be used for their own products.