Fitchburg Farms

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Fitchburg Farms, LLC
1839 County Rd MM, Fitchburg, WI 53575

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Michael and Tylor Nauta

Fitchburg Farms, situated on 45 acres of farmland in southeast Fitchburg, was established in 2013 by Michael Nauta and his son Tyler. They opened their greenhouse in 2014. Michael Nauta grew up in Canada and worked at his parents’ greenhouse while Tyler worked part-time after high school and became a full-time employee and vice president in 2015. They started as a seasonal business but in 2016 they remained open through the fall and winter and continue to be open year long. While growing many of their plants, they also obtain products from places like Florida, Michigan and Canada to broaden their product line. To help engage customers they offer educational workshops for all ages and support fundraising events.