Benvenuto’s Italian Grill

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Benvenuto’s Italian Grill
2949 Triverton Pike Dr., Fitchburg, WI 52711
608 278-7800

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Benvenutos photo 2.jpgBrian Dominick developed the idea of a dinner only Italian dining experience with family style large platters servings groups of people. This concept was put into practice when he opened Benvenuto’s Italian Grill in Beaver Dam, WI in 1996. Soon after, lunch was also served and the menu was changed to include individual dishes with expanded options. This adjusted concept caught on and a restaurant was opened in Madison in 2001.  The Fitchburg restaurant was opened in 2004. Three more restaurants followed in Fond du Lac, Middleton and Oshkosh. The opening of these additional restaurants was carefully planned with some employees moving to the new stores to provide experience and gain advancement. In all cases the restaurants remain family owned with two being locally owned.

Benvenutos photo 3.jpgThe Fitchburg Benvenuto’s restaurant has a bar area, ample dining room and a separate room that can be reserved for a group lunch or dinner. The menu offers a diverse array of Italian cosine and is adjusted four times a year. Periodically, there are music groups and nights were Benvenuto’s donates 20% of the receipts to a variety of worthy causes.