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Terso photoIn 1999 Promega corporation developed an automated process to monitor inventory. This technology was based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology similar but much more advanced than the chips put in products at a retail store so thy know when a specific product is leaving the store unless it is inactivated.  After making advancements to the original technology Terso Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Promega was formed in 2005. Since then the technology has been improved and become an important inventory management system in the fields of science and medicine.

The system works by embedding a small chip in each container of product. The chip contains specific information about the product.  The product is placed in a unit that contains an RFID reader.  When an employee needs a product, the person swipes his personal card which allows the door to be opened.  Product is removed and the reader determines how many containers of that product remain.  This information is sent to a cloud server that updates the inventory and can notify when product is getting low and even determine if the product has been kept at the proper temperature.  Besides inventory management the system can be used as a chain of custody system when each item has a specific ID.