Art in the Barn

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Art in the Barn
5927 Adams Rd., Fitchburg, WI

Art barn LR.jpgIn 1999, Anne and Bill Conzemius bought a farm in Fitchburg. After fixing up the old barn built in the 1870s, they started the nonprofit venture of hosting musical groups and displaying art in 2002. The first season had performances once a month from June through September. The setting was spartan with straw bales for seating. Corporate sponsorship was obtained to help defray the costs.

Art photo.jpgOver the years the number of events has continued to increase with performers and artists from around the world showing their musical talents and art work. The season is still June through September due to weather and outside of peanuts and ice, guests must bring their own food and drinks. They still have the straw bales for seating but due to their limited availability guests are encouraged to bring their own lawn chairs. Tents are also generally available.