McCoy Ice Cream Dairy

McCoy platThe McCoy family, James, his son Cassius and wife Esther and eventually his grandson and granddaughter Robert and Elizabeth owned land in sections 2 and 11 of Fitchburg although they lived in Madison. However, James did buy a house and lived in it for a short time in the 1890s.  Although there were several owners, the historic house was called the McCoy house. See the McCoy Farmhouse for an interesting history of the house including it being designated a cemetery to save and restore the house.

The McCoy family raised cows and eventually created a dairy where they specialized in making bulk ice cream. The dairy located at what is now the intersection of Syene and Clayton Roads, was near the Syene business district so that people could stop by and get a carton of ice cream for dinner (refrigerators did not have freezers).  However, most of the ice cream went to ice cream parlors in downtown Madison.

For a general history on the progression of homemade butter and cheese to creameries to dairy farms in Fitchburg click here.