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Wood Bend FarmBefore 1919 Benjamin Bancroft started one of the first known Fitchburg dairy farms where he sold unpasteurized milk. The dairy, named Wood Bend Farm was located in Section 10 east of Fish Hatchery road and south of the state Fish Hatchery. His brother John joined the business in 1921 and the dairy was renamed Bancroft Brothers. John left the dairy a few years later and the dairy was renamed Bancroft Dairy.

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Bancroft Brothers Dairy

To increase the processing of milk and provide a better venue for selling and transporting his products, John opened a facility at 1010 S. Park St. in Madison (junction of Fish Hatchery and Park St.). The business, including the name was eventually sold to a commercial company.

Ben could not stay away from the dairy business so he started another dairy called Valley Springs Farm on his Fitchburg property. He did business with Charmany Farms at 5707 Mineral Point Road Farms which was part of the University of Wisconsin Dairy Department. About 1948 his dairy farm was sold ending the Bancroft Dairy business in Fitchburg.

Valey Springs Farm

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