Kinney Sesquicentennial Farm

Kinney 1861 plat.jpg   Kinney 1955 plat.jpg

Kinney farm aerial.jpg   Kinney farm satellite.jpg

In 1844, Andrew Kinney settled the land located in the NE quarter of section 22, at the intersection of Irish lane and Caine Road (1861 plat map above top left). This farm was registered as a centennial farm in 1948 (1955 plate map above top right). The great great grandchildren of Andrew Kinney registered the sesquicentennial farm in 1998. Farm buildings located at 5325 Irish Lane can be seen in an old aerial photograph (above lower left). Some of the old buildings can be identified in a recent satellite image (above lower right). A great great great grandaughter of Andrew Kinney owns the homestead in 2017.