Cohee/Terwilliger Centennial Farm

Terwilliger 1890.jpg   Terwilliger 1955.jpg

Terwilliger aerial.jpg   Terwilliger satellite.jpg

James Terwilliger settled the Terwilliger/Cohee centennial farm in 1867 (see 1873 plat map section 13). This farm was located primarily in the NE quarter and a part of the North area of the SE quarter of section 13 (1890 and 1955 plat maps above upper left and right, respectively). However, the land in the SE quarter was not always owned by the Terwilliger family. Viola Terwilliger married Melville Cohee in 1935 giving the farm the Cohee name.   The farm was registered as a centennial farm in 1998. An old aerial photograph (above lower left) shows the farm buildings. A recent satellite image of the farm buildings indicates the old structures have been torn down (above lower right).