Eileen Kellor Bio

Eileen.jpgMy Fitchburg ties began around 1915, when my father and his parents moved to Fitchburg from the bustling metropolis of Oregon, Wisconsin. They owned the property where Lakeview School was located and lived in the old stagecoach hotel, at the intersection of MM and Highway B. My parents operated Kellor’s General Store and Gas Station, which closed in the mid-1960s. Many childhood memories include longtime Fitchburg residents who shopped or socialized at our store. My interest is also through the Swan Creek Sewing Circle, which was founded in 1915 and is still in existence. After living in Madison most of my adult life, my husband and I moved to Fitchburg in late 2007. Our house in the Highlands of Seminole is on land that my older siblings remember as farmland, and the persistent burdocks in my garden reveal that history as well.

Driving around the eastern half of Fitchburg brings to mind many memories of my school bus rides to and from Holy Mother of Consolation school in Oregon, childhood friends, and the rich history of the area. I believe that documenting and sharing Fitchburg’s history can help promote a sense of community among its current residents.