Eric Amlie Bio

Eric photo.jpgI was born in Madison in 1952 and raised mostly in the University Heights neighborhood.

I graduated from West High School in 1970 and completed my freshman year at UW-LaCrosse before being interrupted by six months of military training (six years in Wisconsin National Guard). I returned to the UW (Madison) for another semester before deciding that college wasn’t really for me…at least at that time. In 1976, I went back to school at Madison Area Technical College and completed a degree in Electronics Technology. I was hired by the Dept. of Natural Resources as an electronics technician in the air monitoring program repairing, maintaining, and calibrating the air pollution monitors and their associated support equipment. After thirty years at that job I retired in 2009.

I bought a small older house in Fitchburg in 1981 and have lived in that same house ever since. I married in 1990 but we have no children.

I became interested in local history in my early twenties. I’m interested in all history, but the more local it is to me, the higher my interest is in it.

Other interests include genealogy, old trucks (I presently own 1937 & 1959 Chevrolet trucks), and vintage bicycles (mostly Schwinn, but not exclusively).

I enjoy the out of doors, but don’t get out in it as much as when I was younger.