Francis E. Wallace

Francis E. Wallace, a farmer and resident of Fitchburg, Wisconsin, was born in Colerain, Franklin county, Massachusetts, October 22, 1832. His father, Zebina Wallace, was born in the same town, and his grandfather, Bath Wallace, was born in the town of Leyden in the same county. The great-grandfather of our subject was also named Seth Wallace, and to far as known was a native of the same State and of Scotch-Irish ancestry. He was a farmer and spent his last year in the town of Leyden. The grandfather of our subject moved to the town of Colerain, where he purchased a farm and paid for it with a half bushel of silver dollars. After living there many years he went to Wayne county, New York, spending his last years with his son Samuel in that county. The maiden name of his wife was Miss Hulbart, also a native of Massachusetts. She reared eight children, namely: James, Samuel, Seth, Zebina, Thompson, Ann, Esther, Susan and Mary. The father of our subject learned the trade of tanner and shoemaker, which he followed in Colerain until 1840, then removed to Halifax, Vermont, where he followed his trade until 1868, then came to Wisconsin, where he purchased a farm in the town of Fitchburg and engaged in farming until his death. The maiden name of the mother of our subject was Lucinda French, born in Halifax, Vermont, and her parents were Ebenezer and Sally {Walkup) French, natives of Seekonk. Massachusetts, pioneers of the town of Halifax, Vermont, where they spent their last years. The mother of our subject spent her last years on the farm in Fitchburg. She reared nine sons, namely: William, Christopher, DeWitt, Clinton, Jonathan Childs, Francis E., Zebina, Washington I.. Henry Clay and Joseph W. Zebina and Henry are dead.

At the age of ten years our subject went to live with his paternal grandparents. He attended school part of the time and the remainder of the time assisted on the farm until he was fourteen, then started out and ever afterward cared for himself. He went to Brattleboro, where he was employed in a hotel for eighteen months, then went to Hartford, Connecticut, where he was employed in a restaurant for six months, and then went to Boston, where he drove a bread wagon, selling the staff of life to the Bostonians. He resided there until 1853, when he took a trip to Australia, sailing from Boston January 19, landing at Melbourne June 7, following. He went to Bendigo, a few miles out from Melbourne and there engaged in mining, remaining five years; returning via London he finally landed in New York. He visited in Vermont a. few months and then came to Wisconsin. For several months he who employed in a hotel at Madison, then located in Fitchburg, where he engaged in farming, and in 1871 located on the farm he now owns and occupies.

In 1884 he was married to Catherine Farrell, born in Ireland, who came to America when young. They have four children, namely: Francis, Joseph W, Hall Z, and Amanda. He has been identified with the Republican party since its formation.

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