Mike Croft Bio

Mike photo.jpgMy career experience is in the mining, public utilities, and construction industries.  My education includes degrees in Engineering, Geology/Geophysics, and Energy Conservation Technology.  I volunteered for 10 years as a raiser and trainer of service dogs and now volunteer at a local hospital as a registered therapy team with my golden retriever.

My wife and I moved to Fitchburg in 1993 after purchasing a dilapidated farm in northeast Fitchburg.  We successfully nominated the old farmstead for listing on the National Register of Historic Places and as a Fitchburg Landmark.  We have named it Spooner’s 1852 Swan Creek Farm as well as Nicholas Haight Farmstead.  We still own and protect it today, since once a piece of history is destroyed, it is lost forever.  Saving our structures and site preserves a piece of our community’s heritage.  I am not certain what will be valued by society in the future, but I appreciate our local and statewide architectural diversity and ethnically significant building styles, as well as our many archeological sites.

Serving on the Fitchburg Historical Society Board allows me to help my community preserve its history.  Our community is young in many ways but also has multiple deep older roots.  I enjoy working with our Board, a group of like-minded, committed and passionate individuals who truly give a damn about our community, past and present.

Mike barn.jpg

Mike fixing up the Spooner’s 1852 Swan Creek Farm/Haight Farmstead