Obituary Names A to B

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with A or B for which we have obituaries. After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Aberle, Andrew  Obit  Cemetery
Ace, Darrell Byron Obit, Cemetery
Adams, Arnel Bruce  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Blanche N (nee Pierce)  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Charles Francis  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Don Curtis  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Francis Loyal  Obit
Adams, Lewis Llewellyn  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Edna May  Obit  Cemetery
Adams, Robert Kenneth “Bobby”  Obit  Cemetery
Allen, Joyce “Jo” (nee Barnwell)  Obit  Cemetery
Allen, Patricia Y. “Pat” (nee Young)  Obit  Cemetery
Allen, Sarah Jane  Obit  Cemetery
Allen, Talmadge E. “Tal”  Obit  Cemetery
Alt, Kenneth Martin  Obit  Cemetery
Ames, Alice Cordelia (nee Main)  Obit Cemetery
Anderberg, Albert Fredrick  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, Charles William  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, Clifford A.  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, Edgar Bertel  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, George E  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, Oscar F  Obit  Cemetery
Anderberg, Selma Lydia (nee Johnson)  Obit  Cemetery
Andersen, Betty S. (nee Stone)  Obit
Anderson, Arnold P. “Arnie”  Obit  Cemetery
Anderson, Arthur J.  Obit
Anderson, Donald “Paul  Obit
Anderson, Donald Warren  Obit  Cemetery
Anderson, Joyce Esser (nee Kortbein)  Obit  Cemetery
Anderson, Marvel U. “Marv”  Obit
Anderson, Mary Lou (nee Kotek)  Obit  Cemetery
Anderson, Todd Russell  Obit  Cemetery
Armstrong, Elizabeth R. “Betty” (nee Weber)  Obit
Arnold, Marilyn J. (nee Hehenberger)  Obit
Arvold, Trudy Jo  Obit  Cemetery
Ascher, Olga Erma (nee Jensen/Jansen)  Obit  Cemetery
Askey, Gail Marie (nee Belgen)  Obit  Cemetery
Atz, Helen Lucille (nee Mitchell)  Obit
Baard, Barbara Jean  Obit
Bach, Adolph Walter “Al”  Obit  Cemetery
Bach, Elsie (nee Bollier)  Obit
Back, Joseph Berthold  Obit  Cemetery
Baker, Kimberly Marie (nee Nelsen)  Obit
Bakken, Kathryn E (nee Grady)  Obit  Cemetery
Bancroft, Annis (nee Ingalsbe)  Obit  Cemetery
Banta, William J. “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Baptist, Bonnie J.  Obit  Cemetery
Baptist, William H.  Obit  Cemetery
Barger, Jeanne Ann (nee Ochalla)  Obit  Cemetery
Bariola, Paul Allen  Obit  Cemetery
Barnes, Rachel M.  Obit  Cemetery
Barnhart, Kermit Wendall  Obit  Cemetery
Barnhart, Margaret E. (nee Beavin)  Obit  Cemetery
Barrett, Timothy William  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Bridget  Obit
Barry, Catherine (nee Fox)  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Catherine J (nee Gorry)  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Catherine L  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Barry, Elizabeth L “Libbie” (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Eugene  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Florence  Cemetery
Barry, Francis  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Barry, Garrett  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Garrett H.  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Howard Jerome  Obit 1  Obit 2  Obit 3  Cemetery
Barry, Jeremiah  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Laura A (nee Dunn)  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Leo Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Margaret “Maggie” (nee Lacy)  Cemetery
Barry, Margaret (nee McDonald)  Cemetery
Barry, Mary Jane (nee Barry)  Cemetery
Barry, Mary (nee McKenna]  Obit 1  Obit 2  Obit 3  Cemetery
Barry, Mary Agnes (nee Dunphy)  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Mary R  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Michael  Cemetery
Barry, Michael M. “Mike” Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Patrick  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Barry, Philip  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Barry, Philip R  Cemetery
Barry, Phillip Francis  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Robert L.  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Thomas A. , Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Barry, Veronica “Sis” (nee Martin)  Obit  Cemetery
Bartels, Randall William  Obit
Barto, Carolyn Joanne  Obit  Cemetery
Batker, George Richard  Obit  Cemetery
Batker, Walter Frank August  Obit  Cemetery
Baumgartner, Jason Lawrence “Jay”  Obit  Cemetery
Bautch, Thomas J  Obit  Cemetery
Bavery, Frances E. (nee Richardson)  Obit  Cemetery
Baxter, Francis R.  Obit  Cemetery
Baxter, Lee S. (nee Lewis)  Obit
Beachley, Norman H., Dr.  Obit
Beard, Albert  Obit
Beath, John  Obit  Cemetery
Beauchaine, Barbara A.”Barbie” (nee Johnson)  Obit  Cemetery
Beauchaine, Kelly Rene (nee DaWalt)  Obit
Becker, Richard Allen “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Becker, Roger C.  Obit
Becklin, Jay Reuben  Obit  Cemetery
Beebe, Elisha P.  Cemetery
Behling, Ann R. (nee Blihovde)  Obit
Behnke, Loney (nee Lemke)  Obit  Cemetery
Benjamin, Ralph M., Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Bennett, Hannah Rosina (nee Gilbert)  Obit  Cemetery
Benson, Dennis L.  Obit
Bentley, Almira (Inman)  Obit  Cemetery
Bentley, Annette L. (nee Streb)  Obit
Bentley, Fred W  Obit  Cemetery
Bentley, Lodema A  Obit1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Bentley, Tillingham H.  Obit  Cemetery
Berel, Shelton Carlton  Obit
Berkan, Patricia Eileen “Patti” (nee Clark)  Obit  Cemetery
Berkvam, Blanche E. (nee Kessenich)  Obit  Cemetery
Bernhardt, Barbara J.  Obit
Bertics, Paul J.  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Bertics, Victoria J.  Obit
Bertolino, Gael Beverly  Obit
Betlach, Elicia “Elli”  Obit
Betlach, Ronald Thomas  Obit
Bickley, Alan  Obit
Binger, Kellen Gary  Obit  Cemetery
Bird, William D  Cemetery
Birdsall, Daniel Rhea  Obit 1  Obit 2
Bires, James Joseph  Obit  Cemetery
Bishop, Donald L. Jr.  Obit
Bishop, Eddie  Cemetery
Bishop, Edward  Cemetery
Bitzer, Jo Ann (nee Eblen)  Obit  Cemetery
Blaney, Brian Joseph  Obit
Blaney, Burdette Bram “Bert”  Obit  Cemetery
Blaney, Mary Kathleen “Mary Kate”  Obit  Cemetery
Blaney, Richard Edward  Obit  Cemetery
Bleifuhs, Joe  Obit
Blitzard, Martha (nee Schultz)  Obit
Blitzard, Stanley
Blizard, Earl  Obit  Cemetery
Blizard, Ralph P  Obit  Cemetery
Blizzard, Electa “Lettie” (nee Pierce)  Obit  Cemetery
Blizzard, George  Obit  Cemetery
Boegel, Dr. Col. Paul Norbert  Obit
Boehlke, Sandra Jane (nee Kessenich)  Obit Cemetery
Bongard, Carl “Sonny”  Obit  Cemetery
Bongard, Margaret “Peggy” Joan (nee Conway)  Obit  Cemetery
Bongard, Mary Norma (nee Maloney)  Obit  Cemetery
Bontrager, Beverly J. (nee Zuhde)  Obit
Borchardt, Lavonne Ann “Bonnie” (nee Kruger)  Obit  Cemetery
Borchardt, Linda Sue  Obit
Borchardt, William Glen “Bill”  Obit
Borchert, Robert Carl “Bob”  Obit
Boreen, Edgar W.  Obit
Borquist, John Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Borquist, Pamela Ann  Obit  Cemetery
Bothun, Mary Ann (nee Mott)  Obit  Cemetery
Bouma, Edna (nee Wismer)  Obit  Cemetery
Boutelle, Kevin Carlton  Obit
Bowman, Duane Fredrick Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Boyce, Ellen May (nee Lembrich)  Obit  Cemetery
Boyce, Flora (nee Keenan)  Obit
Boyle, Thomas Dixon  Obit  Cemetery
Bracker, Mary Ann (nee Fisher)  Obit  Cemetery
Braith, Carl  Obit  Cemetery
Bram, Victor M.  Obit  Cemetery
Brantmeyer, Elizabeth Jean (nee Osmundsen)  Obit  Cemetery
Brassington, Janice A. “Jan” (nee Leslie)  Obit
Braun, Doris Josephine (nee Neuman)  Obit
Brazy, Helen F.  Obit 1  Obit 2
Breilid, Eunice V. (nee Dybevik)  Obit  Cemetery
Bremer, Barbara J. (nee Preston)  Obit
Bremer, Vaughn J. Sr.  Obit
Breunig, Clarence W. “Butch”  Obit  Cemetery
Breunig, Judith Ellen (nee Swartz)  Obit  Cemetery
Brewer, Jeremiah Gregory ” Jerry”  Obit  Cemetery
Brewer, Laura M (nee Bennett)  Obit  Cemetery
Brickner, Bernard R. “Bernie” “Buzz”  Obit  Cemetery
Brinkman, Terrence  Obit
Brown, A. Barton (Reverend)  Obit
Brown, Lois I. (nee McClimans)  Obit  Cemetery
Brown, Lucille M (nee Burdick)  Obit  Cemetery
Brown, Margaret Lillian (nee Webber)  Obit  Cemetery
Brumm, Frederick John “Fred”  Obit  Cemetery
Brumm, Michelle Jo “Misty” (nee Wick)  Obit
Brummel, Marie (nee May)  Obit  Cemetery
Brunner, Edward  Obit
Brunsell, Janice Ann (nee Marty)  Obit  Cemetery
Brunsell, Lola Jane (nee Skuldt)  Obit  Cemetery
Brunsell, Richard L. “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Buchholz, Donna I. “Sally” (nee Bishop)  Obit  Cemetery
Buchner, John J.  Obit  Cemetery
Buchner, Leo J.  Obit  Cemetery
Buckley, Ellen M (nee Mahoney)  Cemetery
Buckley, William  Cemetery
Budinger, Roger  Obit  Cemetery
Burke, Bridget “Bea” (nee Barry)  Cemetery
Burke, John  Cemetery
Burke, John David  Cemetery
Burke, Patrick  Cemetery
Burke, Robert Raymond  Obit  Cemetery
Burke, Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Burkholder, Walter Bernard  Obit  Cemetery
Burns, David J  Obit  Cemetery
Burt, Nola Jean (nee Brunmeier)  Obit  Cemetery
Busse, Theresa C. (nee Bartosch)  Obit  Cemetery
Busse, Thomas Robert  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Alice (nee Kinney)  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, David  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Albert  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Byrne, Clarence  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Byrne, David  Cemetery
Byrne, Ellen Abigail (nee Barry)  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, James Leo  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, James M  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, John Howard  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Josephine M. (nee Fumuso)  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Katherine Mary  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Byrne, Lester  Obit
Byrne, Mary  Cemetery
Byrne, Mary Angeline (nee Maag)  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Rosa (nee Killin)  Cemetery
Byrne, Ruby I (nee Kreger)  Obit  Cemetery
Byrne, Thomas J  Obit  Cemetery