Obituary Names C to G

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with C, D, E, F or G for which we have obituaries. After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Caine, Jeanne E. (nee Martin)  Obit  Cemetery
Caine, Thomas D. “Tom”  Obit  Cemetery
Caldwell, Jack Denis  Obit
Campbell, Marvin L.  Obit  Cemetery
Capacio, John Edward  Obit
Capacio, Lenore (nee Donohue)  Obit
Carney, Patrick “Pat” G., Sr.  Obit
Capellaro, William Henry “Bill”  Obit
Caputo, Lynndee (nee Majerus)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Carlson, Eileen C “Bit” (nee McGaw)  Obit  Cemetery
Carlson, Frederick E.  Obit  Cemetery
Carman, Berndetta Ann (nee Schneider)  Obit  Cemetery
Carman, Richard J.  Obit
Carr, David A.  Obit
Caruso, Ethel M. (nee Barry)  Obit  Cemetery
Castle, Richard Charles  Obit  Cemetery
Chamberlain, Timothy Michael  Obit
Chapman, Roger Parshall  Obit
Charles, Richard Hill “Dick”  Obit
Chelf, Paulanne  Obit
Chenoweth, Craig K.  Obit  Cemetery
Chiono, Linda Rae (nee Rydstrom)  Obit
Christensen, Alan  Obit  Cemetery
Christensen, Betty Marie (nee Farr)  Obit
Christianson, Margaret Ann “Meg” (nee Olson)  Obit
Christopher, Lorraine M. (nee Ganzow)  Obit  Cemetery
Church, Minerva Jane “Mammie” (nee Palmer)  Obit  Cemetery
Cicci, George B.  Obit
Clapp, George W  Obit
Clapp, Leta Hecla  Cemetery
Clapp, Sally (nee Black)  Obit  Cemetery
Clark, Irene M. (nee Colvin)  Obit
Clark, Richard C.  Obit  Cemetery
Clayton, Judith “Judy”  Obit  Cemetery
Clayton, Mary Luneil (nee Byrne)  Obit  Cemetery
Clemens, Elfie M. (nee Marschallik)  Obit
Clementi Sr., John  Obit  Cemetery
Cleven, Paul David  Obit  Cemetery
Close, Judy nee Mast)  Obit
Colburn, Alan Harrington  Obit
Cole, Kathleen R. “Kate” (nee Runde)  Obit  Cemetery
Coleman, Kevin  Obit
Combs, Harold “Harry” Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Conn, Joyce Mary (nee Lamb)  Obit  Cemetery
Connery, Bailey J.  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Cook, Robert M. “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Corcoran, Alice (nee Byrnes)  Obit 1  Obit 2
Corcoran, Stephen  Obit 1  Obit 2
Cox, Douglas G.  Obit  Cemetery
Cox, James Allen  Obit  Cemetery
Crahen, Bridget (nee Geary)  Obit  Cemetery
Crahen, Patrick  Obit  Cemetery
Cranefield, Edna (nee Rothnick)  Obit  Cemetery
Croft, David W.  Obit  Cemetery
Croft, Margaret F. (nee Maloney)  Obit  Cemetery
Cross, Edna (nee Stoneman) Rich  Obit  Cemetery
Crowe, Michael Jr  Cemetery
Crowe, Michael Sr  Obit  Cemetery
Cruger, Bruce David  Obit  Cemetery
Crye, Elizabeth Ann “Betty” (nee Randall)  Obit  Cemetery
Cuccia, Art  Obit
Cullen, Ann (nee Kerwin)  Cemetery
Culp, Dale R.  Obit  Cemetery
Culp, Ionia D  Obit  Cemetery
Culp, Nedra (nee Littlefield)  Obit 1  Obit 2
Culver, Jean B. (nee Gyurak)  Obit  Cemetery
Cunningham, Hazel M (nee Drumm)  Obit  Cemetery
Cunningham, John G.  Obit
Curkeet, Anna L. “Ann” (nee McCafferty)  Obit  Cemetery
Curry, Betty  Obit  Cemetery
Curtin, Eleanor (nee Ryan)  Obit
Currier-Sager, Christina Kim “Tete”  Obit
Curtis, Bobbie J.  Obit
Cusick, Edward Timothy “Tim”  Obit  Cemetery
Cusick, Grace (nee Barry)  Obit 1  Obit 2 Cemetery
Cusick, James S  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Cusick, Loretta (nee Shanahan)  Obit  Cemetery
Cusick, Mary  Cemetery
Cusick, Michael  Cemetery
Cusick, Patrick  Obit  Cemetery
Czerwonka, Kara J.  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Da Walt, Jeffrey Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Daggett, Timothy Allen  Obit  Cemetery
Dahl, Linda Jean  Obit  Cemetery
Dahl, Rose Ellen (nee McKee)  Obit  Cemetery
Dalrymple, James E.  Obit  Cemetery
Daly, David R.  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Danielsen, Leonard E.  Obit  Cemetery
Danielson, Norman Melvin “Dan”  Obit  Cemetery
Darcy, Thomas P., Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Dary, Donna Jean (nee Jacobson)  Obit
Darling, Josephine (nee Harper)  Obit  Cemetery
Dean, Amanda Ellsworth (nee Babcock)  Obit  Cemetery
Deane, Jay  Obit  Cemetery
Decker, Bernard M. Jr. (Barney)  Obit
Decker, Robin E. “Goldy” (nee Manning)  Obit
Dederich, Florence C. (nee Bongard)  Obit  Cemetery
Dedrick, Evelyn E. (nee Hofstetter)  Obit  Cemetery
DeHaven, Norma Jeanne (nee Creech)  Obit  Cemetery
Deiotte, Jeanne G. (nee Stanek)  Obit  Cemetery
Denruiter, Jane (nee Bauman)  Obit
Denson, Harry Richard “Rick”  Obit  Cemetery
Denson, Michael John  Obit
Deppong, Anthony  Obit
Deppong, Irma  Obit
Deppong, Mathias A.  Obit  Cemetery
Devenish, Michael Charles  Obit  Cemetery
DeWerd, Dorothy M. (nee Heling)  Obit  Cemetery
Dichraff, Thomas  Obit
Dickinson, Debra Lynn (nee Marchetti)  Obit  Cemetery
Dietrich, Bruce L.  Obit  Cemetery
Dietrich, Isabella A. (Dudley) (Blaney)  Obit  Cemetery
Diggan, Jean (nee Retallick)  Obit  Cemetery
Dilks, Dustin Dean  Obit  Cemetery
Dilley, Richard L. “Rick”  Obit
Dillman, Brian J.  Obit  Cemetery
Dillman, David B.  Obit  Cemetery
Dillman, Virginia Rose “Gee”  Obit  Cemetery
Dinkler, Charles  Obit  Cemetery
Dinkler, Fred  Obit  Cemetery
Dinkier, Henry  Obit  Cemetery
Dobson, Mary Joan (nee Byers)  Obit  Cemetery
Doerfer, Lloyd  Obit  Cemetery
Doerfer, Marilyn Emma  Obit  Cemetery
Doerfer, Richard “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Doerfer, Robert R. “Bud”  Obit  Cemetery
Doerfer, Sylvia (nee Femrite)  Obit  Cemetery
Doherty, Christiane A. (nee Wallerand)  Obit  Cemetery
Domack, Ruth A. (nee Phillips)  Obit
Dosher, Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Dottl, Mary Patricia (nee Dvorak)  Obit  Cemetery
Doyle, Thomas J. “Tom”  Obit  Cemetery
Drake, Shirley M. (nee Witt)  Obit  Cemetery
Dreger, Christine K “Chris”  Obit
Drugsvold, Joyce  Obit
DuBois, Sonia (nee Kirstiuk)  Obit
Duchon, Gerald A.  Obit
Duesler, Charlene “Sheri” (nee Donald)  Obit
Duffey, Eric J.  Obit  Cemetery
Duffy, Ruth Ellen (nee Girman)  Obit  Cemetery
Dukelow, Lloyd David Malcolm “Dave”  Obit  Cemetery
Dunn, Gerald R. “Jerry”  Obit  Cemetery
Dunn, J. Vincent  Obit
Dunn, Mary E. (nee Sholts)  Obit
Dunn, Ruth M. (nee Kerwin)  Obit  Cemetery
Dunn, Susan Kay “Susie” (nee Fosso)  Obit  Cemetery
Dunn, Vernon J. “Joe”  Obit 1  Obit 2  Obit 3  Cemetery
Dunn, Brother William  Obit  Cemetery
Duren, Linda R. (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Dyhr, Estella M. (nee Anderberg)  Obit  Cemetery
East, Irmtraud “Irmy” (nee Kiemle)  Obit
Eby, Margaret (nee Cox)  Obit
Eby, Robert H. Obit
Ecker, Leota Mae (nee Seims)  Obit
Eckert, Daniel Lee “Dane”  Obit
Edwards, Hazel D. (nee Beemer)  Obit  Cemetery
Edwards, Marjorie (nee Gotch-Rice)  Obit
Eierman, Marion B.  Obit
Einhorn, Daniel Henry  Obit
El-Wakil, Tatiana  Obit  Cemetery
Elefson, Jean (nee O’Brien)  Obit
Elisberg, Dr. John Morton  Obit  Cemetery
Ellis, Robert G.  Obit
Elsinger, Mary Magaret (nee Kieffer)  Obit  Cemetery
Emley, Helen Marie (nee Krivohlavek)  Obit  Cemetery
Endres, James Vernon  Obit
Engelhart, Helen Louise (nee Mueller)  Obit
Erickson, Orla L.  Obit  Cemetery
Espelien, Emrick Sebastian  Obit  Cemetery
Espinosa, Sharon (nee Fricken)  obit
Esser, Steven Gregory  Obit  Cemetery
Etheridge, Dorothy Helen (nee Haack)  Obit  Cemetery
Everson, Thomas Edward  Obit  Cemetery
Evert, Franklin Paul  Obit  Cemetery
Evert, George N.  Obit
Evert, Ronald John “R.J.”  Obit  Cemetery
Ewald, Gale Edward  Obit
Ewing, Terry W.  Obit  Cemetery
Fahey, Donald J.  obit  Cemetery
Fahey, Mary G. (nee Thierer)  obit  Cemetery
Fahey, Robert Paul  obit  Cemetery
Fahey, Thomas M.  Obit  Cemetery
Fahey, William Roger  Obit  Cemetery
Falkenstein, Edwin H.  obit  Cemetery
Falkenstein, Mary Alice (nee Kissine)  Obit  Cemetery
Farmer, Timothy J.  obit
Farnsworth, Margaret Helen (nee Brown) Palmer  Obit  Cemetery
Fauerbach, Mary J. (nee Gorman)  Obit  Cemetery
Faust, Anna M. (nee Chille)  obit
Faust, Donald G.  Obit
Feeney, Margaret  Cemetery
Feeney, Patrick  Cemetery
Feldbruegge, Donald  Obit
Femrite, Gregory Allen  obit  Cemetery
Femrite, Nels T.  Obit  Cemetery
Femrite, Terese J. (nee Mooney)  obit  Cemetery
Fetrow, Dixie L.  Obit
Fiscus, Randy J.  Obit  Cemetery
Fish, Roger Verlin  Obit
Fish, Ronald P. “Ron”  Obit  Cemetery
Fisher, Bernard C.  Obit  Cemetery
Fisher, Charlotte (nee Olson)  obit  Cemetery
Fisher, Chester Jr. “Chet”  Obit  Cemetery
Fisher, Chester L. Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Fisher, John “Murph” Edward  Obit Cemetery
Fisher, Rose (nee Byrne)  Obit  Cemetery
Fisker, Donna (nee Lappley)  Obit
Fleck, Gale Edward  Obit
Fleming, Nancy J. (nee Durocher)  Obit  Cemetery
Flesch, John M.  Obit  Cemetery
Fluckiger, John  Obit  Cemetery
Fluckiger, Julia Katherine (nee Eichelkraut)  Obit  Cemetery
Forest, Laverne Bruce  Obit
Foreman, Frederick L.  Obit
Foss, Nancy Ann (nee Conner)  Obit
Fossum, Jody Ann (nee Zarnott)  obit  Cemetery
Foster, Julia Isabel (nee Benoy) Landmark  obit  Cemetery  Cemetery
Fowler, John Carson “Jack”  Obit  Cemetery
Fox, Anna  obit 1  obit 2  Cemetery
Fox, Morris F.  obit  Cemetery
Fox, Philip  obit  Cemetery
Franks, Robert Shawn  Obit  Cemetery
Frazier, Frances (nee Teresinski)  obit  Cemetery
Frederick, Donald F.  obit  Cemetery
Freng, Larry B.  Obit  Cemetery
Frey, Frank Leo  Obit
Fricke, Harriet Adele   obit  Cemetery
Friday, Vaughn F.  Obit
Fuller, Almon J. “Bo”  obit  Cemetery
Fuller, Jeffrey  obit  Cemetery
Fuller, Jessie (nee Titus)  Obit  Cemetery
Gabrielse, Dorothy Ann (nee Katte)  Obit  Cemetery
Gabrielse, George  Obit  Cemetery
Gallitz, Peggy Ann (nee Turner)  Obit  Cemetery
Gammeter, Randall C. “Ra” “Randy” Obit
Gander, Louis Dale  Obit  Cemetery
Gander, Ruth M. (nee McDermott)  Obit  Cemetery
Gargano, Biagio  Obit
Gartner, Jerome  Obit  Cemetery
Geary, George  Cemetery
Geary, John  Cemetery
Geffert, Karen Kay (nee Minton)  Obit
Geitz, Anna M. (nee Richter)  Obit
Geitz, Henry “Hank”  Obit
Genske, Richard F. “Dick”  Obit
Georgeson, Ava L. (nee Fasolino)  Obit
Georgeson, Donna Jean (nee Brown)  Obit  Cemetery
Geraths, Janet E. (nee Whalen)  Obit  Cemetery
Gerber, Demita Anne (nee Ashley)  Obit  Cemetery
Germann, James J.  Obit  Cemetery
Gerth, LaVonne J.  Obit  Cemetery
Gibson, Hugh B.  Obit  Cemetery
Gilbert, Scott Thomas  Obit
Gill, Todd  Obit  Cemetery
Gionta, Elizabeth M.”Liz” (nee Campagna)  Obit 1 Obit 2  Cemetery
Giordano, Sherri (nee Ray)  Obit  Cemetery
Glaze, Katherine “Katy” Rosa (nee Rosalewski)  Obit  Cemetery
Goldstein, Michael David  Obit
Goddard, Dorothy Mae (nee Stoneman)  Obit
Goodman, Carolyn (nee Lipstein)  Obit  Cemetery
Goodman, Madeline (nee Shapiro)  Obit
Gordon, Rachel Delaine  Obit  Cemetery
Gorman, Gladys (nee Landsness) Obit  Cemetery
Gorman, John Herbert  Obit  Cemetery
Gorman, Margaret Bernice (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Gorman, Mary P. (nee Ponty)  Obit  Cemetery
Gorman, Philip E.  Obit  Cemetery
Gorry, James H.  Obit  Cemetery
Gottsacker, Bonnie Louise (nee Feltes)  Obit  Cemetery
Gottsacker, Robert  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, George  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, Hazel M. (nee Byrne)  Obit
Grady, Ila Mae “Ma Grady” (nee Lewis)  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, Joseph Lee  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, Laila H. (nee Maki)  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, Mary Hazel  obit
Grady, Michael J.  Obit  Cemetery
Grady, Thomas
Grady, Thomas  Cemetery
Grady, William Arthur  Obit  Cemetery
Graves, LeRoy  Obit  Cemetery
Gray, Frederick Thomas “Buster”  Obit  Cemetery
Green, Ellen Julia (nee Fahey)  Obit  Cemetery
Green, James  Obit  Cemetery
Green, John Fahey  Obit
Green, Martha E. “Kitty” (nee Ortiz)  Obit  Cemetery
Greene, James “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Grinnell, Margaret A. (nee Kietzke)  Obit  Cemetery
Grosse, Jason Matthew  Obit  Cemetery
Grothman, Lois  Obit  Cemetery
Grover, Arthur LeRoy “Hank”  Obit  Cemetery
Grover, Carol K. (nee Loehrer)  Obit
Grunewald, Edward P.  Obit
Guetzke, Rollo E.  Obit  Cemetery
Gugel, Donald Elmer “Barney”  Obit  Cemetery
Gulrud, Ordell “Shorty”  Obit  Cemetery
Gulseth, Jamie (nee Barden)  Obit
Gundlach, Frances (nee Lalor)  Obit  Cemetery
Gundlach, Herbert Franklin “Herb”  Obit  Cemetery
Gurrie, Thomas William  obit
Gustafson, Gary P.  Obit