Obituary Names L to M

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with L or M for which we have obituaries. After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Lacy, Alma Elda “Girlie” (nee Batker)  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Arthur John Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Arthur John, Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Blanche M.  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy , Dorothy  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Ellen Teresa “Ella” (nee O’Dea)  Cemetery
Lacy, Genevieve Alice “Gen” (nee Moore)  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, John Henry  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Kathryn J. “Kit” (nee Byrne)  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Leo Moses  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Louis Neil  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Maria “Mary” (nee Nolan)  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Mary Ann  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Moses  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Philip John  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Thomas
Lacy, William M.  Obit  Cemetery
Lacy, Winifred Mae “Winnie” (nee Lottes)  Obit  Cemetery
Ladwig, Rhonda Kay  Obit  Cemetery
LaFlash, Mildred E. (nee Lord)  Obit  Cemetery
Lally, Bridget (nee Spellman)  Cemetery
Lally, Edward  Cemetery
Lallie, James  Cemetery
Lally, John  Cemetery
Lalor, Margaret A.  Obit  Cemetery
Lalor, Richard E. “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Lang, Timothy Paul  Obit
Langer, Grant Robert  Obit
Langlois, Malvina Marie “Mal”  Obit
Larsen, Andrew Leroy “Andy”  Obit  Cemetery
Larsen, Beatrice Esther (nee Tate)  Obit  Cemetery
Larsen, Carol Lynn (nee Kaepemick)  Obit
Larsen, Irene (nee Ferguson)  Obit  Cemetery
Larson, Arlene R. (nee Borchert)  Obit
Larson, Barry L.  Obit
Larson, Lewis K.  Obit  Cemetery
Larson, Lillian (nee Higbee)  Obit  Cemetery
Larson, Ora Mae (nee Titus)  Obit  Cemetery
Lasecki, Lambert “Lon”  Obit  Cemetery
Lauersdorf, Timothy D. “Tim”  Obit  Cemetery
Lavin, James H.
Lavin, John  Cemetery
Lavin, Peter
Lavin, Thomas  Cemetery
Lawrence, Elizabeth “Liz” (nee Blackwell)  Obit
Lechten, Jeff A. “Kraut”  Obit
Lederer, John Hall MacArthur  Obit  Cemetery
Lee, Arlene M. (nee Haseltine)  Obit  Cemetery
Lee, Richard F. “Dick”  Obit
Lefert, Charlotte (nee Townsend)  Obit  Cemetery
Lehrmann, Eugene I. “Gene”  Obit
Leiber, Frank J.  Obit
Leiber, Lorraine (nee Harris)  Obit  Cemetery
Leland, David Lawrence  Obit  Cemetery
Lendborg, Serene Ann  Obit
Lettman, Lucille Esther “Lucy” (nee Weihert)  Obit  Cemetery
Lettman, Richard James  Obit  Cemetery
Lewellyn, Brent Stephen  Obit  Cemetery
Lewis, David A.  Obit
Ley, Ruth (nee Flueckinger)  Obit  Cemetery
Lichtenfelt, Terry Sue  Obit  Cemetery
Lieck, Paul Ernest  Obit
Liegel, Allene R. (nee Thiers)  Obit  Cemetery
Lindley, Ralph William “Bill” Jr.  Obit  Cemetery
Lippert, James Henry  Obit
Lobeck, Bernard E. “Bernie”  Obit  Cemetery
Lodholz, James William  Obit
Lorch, Edna (nee Neitzel)  Obit
Lorenz, William Charles  Obit  Cemetery
Lucas, Robert H. “Rob”  Obit
Luna, Sofia Helena  Obit  Cemetery
Lundsford, Rebecca Lee  Obit
Luther, Barbara (nee Klocke)  Obit
Luther, Eric Andrew  Obit
Lutterman, Sharon (nee Longfield)  Obit  Cemetery
Lyman, James Winthrop, Obit  Cemetery
Lynaugh, Edward James  Obit  Cemetery
Lynaugh, William K. “Bill”  Obit
Lynch, Norma M. (nee White)  Obit  Cemetery
Lyons, John  Obit
Lyons, Vincent J.  Obit  Cemetery
Mabra, Charles W.  Obit
Machotka, Bernice A. (nee Snyder)  Obit
Machotka, Richard D.  Obit  Cemetery
Madsen, Ruth Mae  Obit  Cemetery
Mahaffey, Michael E. “Mike”  Obit
Maher, Johanna “Hannah” (nee O’Brien)  Obit
Maiale, Mary J. (nee Prestigiacomo)  Obit  Cemetery
Maloney, Eulalia Margaret Birrenkott (nee Annen)  Obit  Cemetery
Maly, Kathryn A. “Katie” (nee Richardson)  Obit  Cemetery
Mancusi, Diane L. (nee Riley)  Obit  Cemetery
Mandli, Paul Walker “Coach”  Obit  Cemetery
Mandt, Robert L. “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Manhardt, Meryl Rae  Obit
Manion, Emmet Jacob  Obit  Cemetery
Manion, Richard Leo  Obit 1  Obit 2
Mann, Emily Josephine (nee Bliven)  Obit  Cemetery
Mann, (Joel) John Edwin  Obit  Cemetery
Marley, Jacqueline Ann (nee Barry)  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
Marley, Sandra Kay  Obit  Cemetery
Marsh, Thomas R.  Obit  Cemetery
Martin, David W.  Obit
Martin, Nell (nee Kivlin)  obit
Martin, Ruth Elaine (nee Scott)  Obit  Cemetery
Martinelli, Gary Peter  Obit  Cemetery
Martinelli, Patricia Marie “Pat” (nee Brandt)  Obit  Cemetery
Martz, Jack D.  Obit  Cemetery
Masino, JoAnn V.  Obit  Cemetery
Maul, Mary C. (nee Fahey)  Obit  Cemetery
Maves, Janet A. (nee Brandenburg)  Obit
Maves, Phillip O.  Obit
May, Beatrice Marie (nee Schweigert)  Obit  Cemetery
May, Harold Leo  Obit  Cemetery
May, Michael Patrick “Bo”  Obit
Maynard, James A. “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Mazzara, Frank P.  Obit  Cemetery
McCain, Willie Royce  Obit  Cemetery
McCarthy, Harold E. “Harry”  Obit  Cemetery
McCarthy, Theodore “Ted”  Obit
McConnell, James  Obit
McCune, Mary Ann (nee Starit)  Obit  Cemetery
McCune, Samuel  Obit  Cemetery
McCune, Samuel  Obit
McDermott, John Jr. (infant)  Cemetery
McDermott, John  Obit  Cemetery
McDonald, Mary Kay (nee McArdle)  Obit  Cemetery
McDorman, Scott William  Obit  Cemetery
McDowell, Thomas R. III  Obit
McDuff, Stephen Allen  Obit  Cemetery
McGann, Martin  Cemetery
McGaw, Alice L. (nee Adams)  Obit  Cemetery
McGaw, Clara Bernita (nee Zantow)  Obit
McGaw, Donald “Don”  Obit  Cemetery
McGaw, Genevieve D, “Jenny” (nee Mooney)  Obit  Cemetery
McGee, Clara Elizabeth (nee Fisher)  Obit
McGibbon, Louise  Obit  Cemetery
McGowan, Anna  Cemetery
McGowan, Dale Edward  Obit
McGowan, Patrick  Cemetery
McIlrath, Mary J. (nee Moylan)  Obit
McKee, Edward  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Eleanore A. (nee Farrell)  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Elizabeth M.  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Florence A. (nee Jeffcott)  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Lyman Dennis  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Nora L. “Honorah”  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, Richard L.  Obit
McKee, Robert E.  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, William F  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, William F  Obit  Cemetery
McKee, William F. III  Obit  Cemetery
McKeown, Agnes H. (nee Jungbluth)  Obit  Cemetery
McKeown, Rodney Wayne “Poog”  Obit
McKinley, Gary William  Obit
McLimans, Theodore “TJ”  Obit
McManus, Ann (nee Leyden)  Cemetery
McManus, Cora Estella (nee Pritchard)  Obit
McManus, John Bernard  Obit  Cemetery
McManus, Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
McManus, Bernard Webb  Obit  Cemetery
McNabb, Betty J., Dr., (nee Christenson)  Obit
McWilliams, John  Cemetery
Meadowcroft, Marcella Theresa “Sally” (nee Grosse)  Obit  Cemetery
Mears, Charles M. “Charlie”  Obit
Mears, Virginia R. “Ginny” (nee Meisner)  Obit  Cemetery
Mehltretter, Edwin  Obit
Mehltretter, Marjorie (nee Olson) Obit  Cemetery
Meier, Donna L. (nee Beale)  Obit  Cemetery
Meier, Norbert Adelburt   Obit  Cemetery
Meier, Richard Albert  Obit  Cemetery
Mella, Gary Francis  Obit
Mellum, Beatrice “Betty” Waddell (nee Sobek)  Obit
Mellum, Julie Ann (nee Linley)  Obit  Cemetery
Meloy, David Rollins  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
Meloy, Lydia (nee Prichard)  Obit  Cemetery
Metcalfe, Julie (nee Bush)  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
Meyer, Norbert William  Obit  Cemetery
Michaelis, Marie Johanna (nee Hoven)  Obit
Mickelson, Benedetta “Bennie” Marino  Obit
Milkie, Mrs. Fred  Obit
Millard, Milton L.  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Allan William  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Avis Susan (nee Volker)  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Edward A. Sr. “Big Ed”  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Eileen Anne (nee Durnin)   Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Jerome “Jerry” P.  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Margaret A. (nee Richardson)  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Matthew T.  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Robert Eugene  Obit  Cemetery
Miller, Roberta H. “Berta” (nee Osmundsen)  Obit
Millisor, Lowell, “Mike”, Major  Obit  Cemetery
Mischke, Sandra K. (nee Crosier)  Obit  Cemetery
Mischke, William “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Mischler, Heinz B,  Obit
Mohs, Thomas James  Obit  Cemetery
Monks, Bridget  Cemetery
Monks, James Sr.  Cemetery
Monks, John
Monroe, Charles D. E., Reverend  Obit  Cemetery
Monthey, Esther Rand (nee Wellington)  Obit  Cemetery
Monthey, Lawrence George “Larry”  Obit  Cemetery
Monthey, Robert Wellington  “Robin”  Obit  Cemetery
Morgan, Kathleen Ann “Kathy” (nee Gust)  Obit  Cemetery
Moriva, Donald James  Obit  Cemetery
Morrissette, Douglas Wayne  Obit 1  Obit 2
Morrissette, Mary Ellen (Wells)  Obit 1  Obit 2
Mosley, Colleen Ann (nee Hanson)  Obit  Cemetery
Mueller, Deanna J.  Obit
Mulligan, James W.  Cemetery
Murphy, Alice L.  Obit  Cemetery
Murphy, Helen Lewis Marr  Obit
Murphy, John  Obit
Murphy, John Jr.  Cemetery
Murphy, Richard Paul  Obit  Obit  Cemetery
Murray, Mary Anne (nee Waddell)   Obit  Cemetery
Musial, Marie L. (nee Seiberlich)  Obit  Cemetery
Musial, Thadeus “Ted” Lucien  Obit  Cemetery
Myers, William “Bill” Ellsworth  Obit  Cemetery