Obituary Names H to K

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with H, I, J  or K for which we have obituaries.  After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Haas, Herbert Urban  Obit  Cemetery
Haberle, John Peter Martin  Obit
Haden, Mildred Lee (nee Wyble)  Obit  Cemetery
Hageman, Douglas J.  Obit  Cemetery
Haig, Thomas O’Regan “Tom”  Obit
Haight, James August  Obit  Cemetery
Haight, Robert Nicholas “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Halverson, Adeline Florence (nee Rux)  Obit
Halverson, Adeline I. (nee Zweifel)  Obit  Cemetery
Hamill, Joan Marie (nee Van Natta)  Obit  Cemetery
Hamilton, Jane (nee Purcell)  Obit  Cemetery
Hamilton, Margaret V. (nee Schmidt)  Obit
Hampel, James Oliver “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Hansen, Alice O.  Obit
Hansen, John Alton  Obit  Cemetery
Hanson, David L.  Obit
Hanson, June Elaine (nee Schmid)  Obit  Cemetery
Harker, Wendell “Pete”  Obit
Harlow, Melissa  Obit  Cemetery
Harn, Max M. Sr.  Obit
Harper, Ruth V., Sister  Obit
Harris, William E. “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Hart, Jeremiah B.  Cemetery
Hartwig, D. Jean (nee DeRemer)  Obit  Cemetery
Harty, Kathleen F., Dr.  Obit
Haspl, Lee R.  Obit
Haswell, James C.  Obit  Cemetery
Hasz, Edna Viola (nee Meyer)  Obit  Cemetery
Hasz, Howard L.  Obit  Cemetery
Hasz, William Henry  Obit  Cemetery
Hatfield, Lois Slone Mattson  Obit
Haugen, Judy Kaye (nee Richardson)  Obit  Cemetery
Hause, William L. “Bill”  Obit
Hay, Michael William  Obit
Hayes, Donald L.  Obit
Hayes, Geraldine Geri A.  Obit
Heberer, Gordon A.  Obit  Cemetery
Heft, Richard A.  Obit  Cemetery
Heggen, Joanne O. (nee Hamberg)  Obit  Cemetery
Hei, Larry J.  Obit  Cemetery
Heine, Anne (nee McCool)  Obit Cemetery
Heine, William J.  Obit  Cemetery
Heinrichs, Erna (nee Quast)  Obit
Heinrichs, Jerome “Jerry”  Obit  Cemetery
Heise, Lorraine M. (nee Werth)  Obit  Cemetery
Heitke, Lawrence Richard Reverend  Obit  Cemetery
Heller, Mary Beth (nee DeVoe)  Obit
Helms, Jane  Cemetery
Helms, Robert  Cemetery
Henderson, Doris Marie (nee Torgerson)  Obit
Henderson, Virginia Ruth (nee McKinney)  Obit
Hendrickson, Lance Allen  Obit
Herfel, Patricia Louise (nee Killerlain)  Obit
Herget, Allen Nielsen  Obit
Herreid, Stephen Johann “Steve”  Obit
Herrera, Elisabeth “Bettina” (nee Diaz)  Obit  Cemetery
Herrick, Viola Gertrude (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Hertzler, Simon (Si) L.  Obit  Cemetery
Heus, Harland W.  Obit
Hildebrandt, John Roderick “Jack”  Obit
Hill, Lyle H.  Obit  Cemetery
Hilleque, Orvin Neuman  Obit
Hillner, Carl R.  Obit  Cemetery
Hillner, Karen Rae “Kay” (nee Johnson)  Obit  Cemetery
Hillner, Robert Courtney “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Hochst, Hartmut  Obit  Cemetery
Hoefs, Richard Arthur (Dick)  Obit  Cemetery
Hoff, Gary L.  Obit  Cemetery
Hoffman, Joan Mildred (nee Mayhercy)  Obit  Cemetery
Holland, Bruce R.  Obit  Cemetery
Holland, Carolyn Jean (nee Carr)  Obit  Cemetery
Holland, Marcia J. (nee West)  Obit  Cemetery
Holmes, Francis John “Frank”  Obit  Cemetery
Holmes, George Edward  Obit  Cemetery
Holmes, Wilbert “Will”  Obit  Cemetery
Holt, James F. “Jim”   Obit
Hoppe, James D.  Obit  Cemetery
Hose, Marianne D.  Obit
Houlihan, Helen G. (nee Noble)  Obit
Houlihan, Keith Joseph  Obit
Huber, Larry E.  Obit
Huber, Richard Harold “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Hughes, Bernice Jane (nee Synon)  Obit  Cemetery
Hughes, Kenneth John, Dr.  Obit
Hugo, Robert james “Bob”  Obit
Hunt, Jane  Cemetery
Hunter, Mary E. (nee Olson)  Obit  Cemetery
Hutchins, Evelyn M. (nee Anderberg)  Obit  Cemetery
Imilkowski, Joseph R.  Obit
Ingalls, Owen B.  Obit  Cemetery
Inman, Anne Bridget (nee Dougherty)  Obit  Cemetery
Ireland, Kevin Wayne  Obit
Irvin, William Louis “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Jackson, Genevieve (nee Jones)  Obit  Cemetery
Jackson, Joanne Marie (nee Coyne)  Obit
Jackson, Johnny Lee “J J”  Obit  Cemetery
Jackson, Jonathan Durley “Squeak” Jr.  Obit
Jacobson, Raymond L.  Obit 1  Obit 2
Jaeger, Eric C.  Obit
Jaehnig, Ruth Claire (nee La Fond)  Obit  Cemetery
Jallings, Elizabeth Ann (nee Franklin)  Obit
Jallings, Jack Kirkland  Obit
Janney, Florence C. “Frene” (nee Barry)   Obit
Jarenek, Bonnie (nee Doerfer) Obit
Jefferson, Peter David  Obit
Jenkins, Kenneth O. Jr. “Whitey”  Obit  Cemetery
Jenkins, Norma Jean (nee Peterson) Obit  Cemetery
Jenkins, Robert F. “Whitey”  Obit  Cemetery
Jenni, Marion G. (nee Read)  Obit  Cemetery
Jensen, Karla T. (nee Trinke)  Obit 1  Obit 2
Jensen, Orley, Dr.  Obit
Jenson, Vicki  Obit  Cemetery
Jerisha, Dorothy A. (nee Dolinshek)  Obit  Cemetery
Johnson, Amy K.  Obit  Cemetery
Johnson, Betty Jane (nee Papenthien)  Obit  Cemetery
Johnson, Cathie Sue (nee Franks)  Obit
Johnson, Debra Wilcox  Obit
Johnson, Ellen Veronica (nee Steinhauer)  Obit
Johnson, Gordon Ray  Obit
Johnson, Jelaine (nee Bancroft)  Obit  Cemetery
Johnson, Nancy J. (nee Rathbun)  Obit
Johnson, Rosemary Lois (nee Hoffman)  Obit  Cemetery
Johnson, Ruth A. (nee Anderson)  Obit  Cemetery
Jolin, Line’t Audrey (nee Wahl)  Obit  Cemetery
Jones, David A. “Casey”  Obit  Cemetery
Jones, Neal Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Jones, Robert Edwin  Obit
Jorgensen, Edward Allen   Obit
Josephson, Mary E. (nee Cunningham)  Obit  Cemetery
Joyner, Alvin Lee. Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Julseth, Martin C.  Obit  Cemetery
Kahl, Mary Catherine (nee Richardson) Obit  Cemetery
Kahnt, Theodore W. “Ted”  Obit  Cemetery
Kaiser, Robert P.  Obit
Kanel, Don  Obit
Kapusta, Edna M. (nee Verhagen)  Obit  Cemetery
Karg, Verne Roger  Obit  Cemetery
Karr, Faith A. (nee Fischer)  Obit  Cemetery
Kasten, Barbara K.  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, Dorothy M., Dr.  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, Ella (nee York)  Obit
Keenan, Janet B. (nee Stoneman)  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, John  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, John Anslow  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, John B.  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, Paul LeRoy  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, Robert  Obit  Cemetery
Keenan, Robert Y.  Obit  Cemetery
Keller, Dennis T. “Kel”  Obit
Keller, Elizabeth (Betty) Magdalena
  Obit  Cemetery
Keller, Mary Louise (nee Bender)  Obit  Cemetery
Keller, Richard  Obit  Cemetery
Keller, Sharon A.  Obit
Kelly, Gabriella Grace  Obit
Kelley, Joseph  Obit
Kelly, Lucille M (nee Brockman)  Obit
Kelly, Winefred “Minnie” A.  Obit
Kelter, Faith Marie (nee Ward)  Obit  Cemetery
Kemp, Rusty Lee  Obit
Kesser, Jessica M. (nee La Fond)  Obit  Cemetery
Kessler, Stephen David, Dr.  Obit  Cemetery
Kilday, Dorothy Anderson (nee Mott)
Kilday, Gordon D.  Obit  Cemetery
Killary, William D. “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Killerlain, Ellen “Nellie”  Cemetery
Killerlain, Patrick  Cemetery
King, Ruth (nee Poland)  Obit
Kingman, Tamara (nee Hartman)  Obit
Kinney, Alice (nee Lynch)  Obit  Cemetery
Kinney, Bridget Ellen (nee Lacy)  Cemetery
Kinney, Mary Katherine (nee Fleming)  Obit  Cemetery
Kinney, Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Kinney, Timothy M “Tim”  Obit
Kinney, Wilfred C.
  Obit  Cemetery
Kinson, Roger D.  Obit  Cemetery
Kirkpatrick, Sandra A “Sandy” (nee Olsen)  Obit Cemetery
Kiser, William Cline  Cemetery
Kitchen, Dorothy  Obit  Cemetery
Kivlin, Anna Auguste (nee O’Brien)  Obit  Cemetery
Kivlin, Edward Lawrence  Obit  Cemetery
Kivlin, Gordon J.  Obit  Cemetery
Kivlin, John Henry  Obit  Cemetery
Kivlin, John  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Kivlin, Joseph M.  Obit  Cemetery
Klahr, Mary Louise (nee Hill)  Obit
Klee, Elizabeth Ann  Obit  Cemetery
Klein, Mae G.  Obit  Cemetery
Kleinsasser, Arden Lee  Obit  Cemetery
Kleisch, Sandra A. “Sandy” (nee Ziegler)  Obit  Cemetery
Kleisch, Terry Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Kleven , Michell L. (nee Rinden)
  Obit  Cemetery
Kline, Thomas R.  Obit
Klossner, Charlene  Obit
Klossner, Loma M. (nee Knapp)  Obit
Knechtle, Ann Walker  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Knickmeyer, James F.  Obit
Knickmeyer, Jean Marie (Kelly)  Obit
Knickmeyer, William Wayne “Bill”  Obit Cemetery
Knipfer, Richard Bernard “Rich”  Obit  Cemetery
Kobs, Alice Marie (nee Dunbar)
  Obit  Cemetery
Koch, Jerome Earl  Obit  Cemetery
Koch, Patricia Ann “Patti” (nee Lantzky)  Obit  Cemetery
Koenig, Brian G.  Obit  Cemetery
Koester, Joseph M. Fr.  Obit  Cemetery
Kolberg, Marie Josephine  Obit  Cemetery
Kollasch, Jessica Anne (nee Kwasigroch)  Obit  Cemetery
Kopischke, Bernice L. (nee Kuhrt)  Obit  Cemetery
Koschkee, Rosalie A. (nee Kaylor)  Obit  Cemetery
Kosel, John P.
  Obit  Cemetery
Koster, Lucille Bertha (nee Hall)  Obit  Cemetery
Kowing, Betty Jean (nee Johnson)  Obit  Cemetery
Kowing, D. Gordon “Gordie”  Obit
Kowing, Marilyn J. (nee Bogacki)  Obit
Kratochvil, Curtis John  Obit  Cemetery
Kratochvil, Diane Marie (nee Bennett)  Obit  Cemetery
Krauth, Lois Annette
  Obit  Cemetery
Kreklow, Nancy J. (nee Hibma)  Obit
Krome, Dorothy H. (nee Pollesch)  Obit  Cemetery
Kruger, Kathleen M. (nee Druckenbrod)  Obit
Kubes, Edward John  Obit
Kubes, Irene Esther (nee Dunn)  Obit  Cemetery
Kuehn, Harold Leo “Harry”  Obit  Cemetery
Kuehn, Mary Lou (nee Adler)  Obit
Kukasky, Shirley Patricia (nee Kuthan)  Obit Cemetery
Kunde, Norma J. (nee Worden)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Kupka, Michael Robert  Obit  Cemetery