Obituary Names S to Z

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The list below contains names of people associated with Fitchburg, Wisconsin whose last names begin with S through Z for which we have obituaries. After each name there may be Obit and/or Cemetery in blue type. Click on these links to see the obituary image and cemetery information. Use the back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.  Some obituaries have been reformatted to provide better readability. If you would like to see a hard copy of an obituary please contact us so we can make appropriate arrangements to show you or send you a copy of the obituary. A list of all the names associated with an obituary can be searched in our FHS Obituary Database.

Sackett, Harvey Emil  Obit
Salatino, Richard P. “Rick”  Obit
Salisbury, Robert Wiley
  Obit  Cemetery
Sanders, Gary Wayne  Obit  Cemetery
Sandlin, Marijo L. (nee Reynolds)  Obit  Cemetery
Saunders, Dale Perry  Obit
Saunders, David N.  Obit  Cemetery
Saunders, Patricia Anne (nee Joyner)  Obit
Saunders, Richard Eugene Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Sawyer, Sarah (nee Nichols)  Obit
Scalissi, Ben
  Obit  Cemetery
Schad, James Edward  Obit
Schaller, Elaine K. (nee Kleppe)  Obit  Cemetery
Schaller, Norman F.  Obit  Cemetery
Schaller, Paul Fredrick  Obit  Cemetery
Schanke, Scott Michael
  Obit  Cemetery
Schenk, Carolanah  Obit  Cemetery
Schewe, Kenneth J. “Ken”
  Obit  Cemetery
Schiel, William H. “Bill”  Obit
Schirmer, Jeanne Ann (nee Kirt)
  Obit  Cemetery
Schley, Hazel B. (nee Runyon)  Obit  Cemetery
Schley, Niles S.  Obit  Cemetery
Schley, Robert James   Obit
Schloemer, Gloria Yvonne
Schmidt, Janice Elaine (nee LaFrance)  Obit
Schmidt, Terri (nee Edmundson)  Obit  Cemetery
Schmitt, Gregory Allen  Obit
Schmudlach, Maynard “Tony”  Obit
Schmudlach, Patricia Ann “Mickie” (nee McMahon)  Obit  Cemetery
Schmudlach, Scott Allen  Obit  Cemetery
Schneeberger, Wayne Orton  Obit  Cemetery
Schneider, Agnes V. (nee Wachter)  Obit  Cemetery
Schneider, Berneice E.  Obit  Cemetery
Schneider, Harold J.  Obit  Cemetery
Schneider, Janis E. (nee Thomas)  Obit  Cemetery
Schoenwetter, Charles Douglas, Dr.   Obit
Scholl, Susan A. (nee Statz)  Obit  Cemetery
Schorr, Carl  Obit
Schuchardt, Emmett Carl  Obit  Cemetery
Schuette, Donald R.  Obit
Schulte, David P. “Dave”  Obit  Cemetery
Schulte, Mark L.
Schultz, Craig  Obit
Schultz, Donald W. “Muskie Don” “Muskie”  Obit  Cemetery
Schultz, Eleanor E. “Tuffy” (nee Lawry)  Obit  Cemetery
Schultz, Jon Charles, Rev.  Obit
Schulz, Gary David  Obit  Cemetery
Schumacher, Anthony “Tony” Fr.  Obit  Cemetery
Schumacher, Karl M.  Obit  Cemetery
Schuster, Dorothy Arlene (nee Onsrud)  Obit
Schwanke, Jean Lorraine (nee Halfman)  Obit
Scott, Karlina J. (nee Lucasik)
Scott, Patrick Neal  Obit  Cemetery
Segner, Wayne Philip   Obit  Cemetery
Selchert, Caryl L. (nee Jensen)  Obit  Cemetery
Sellers, James E. “Jim”  Obit
Severson, Steven “Nutkin” “Von Spark”  Obit
Sewell, James Albert “Jim”  Obit 1  Obit 2
Shackleton, Andrew Allen (Andy)  Obit
Shea, Lorraine A. (nee LeBlanc)  Obit  Cemetery
Sheffy, Jane Ann (nee Shedivy)  Obit  Cemetery
Sheil, Donna J. (nee Losenegger)  Obit
Sheil, Patrick  Obit  Cemetery
Sheppard, Annette Elaine (nee Shepherd)  Obit
Sherrod, Mary Lou (nee Rogers)  Obit  Cemetery
Shinnick, Cora Adell (nee Wilson)  Obit  Cemetery
Shinnick, Michael “Grant”  Obit  Cemetery
Shippee, Zita I. (nee Starks)  Obit
Showers, Karen A. “Mikkey” (nee Mikkelson)  Obit  Cemetery
Siebold, Elizabeth E. “Betsey” (nee Eames)  Obit  Cemetery
Silveira, Mary Margaret Jura  Obit  Cemetery
Simoneau, Richard Arthur “Dick”  Obit
Skala, Connie K. (nee Updike)  Obit
Skille, Leo M.  Obit  Cemetery
Slattery, James Francis  Obit
Slauson, Helen Marie (nee Hestad)  Obit  Cemetery
Sloup, Marlys (nee Case)  Obit
Smelser, Ruth  Obit
Smith, Gail Denise (nee Berkvam)  Obit  Cemetery
Smith, Lillian (nee Ewing)  Obit
Smith, Ryan Michael  Obit  Cemetery
Smith, Sharman M. (nee Gethen)  Obit
Smith, Stephen W.  Obit
Smith, Steven James  Obit
Smythe-Baxter, Marian Opal Nicholson (nee Dahlen)  Obit  Cemetery
Snodgrass, David A.  Obit
Solberg, Nancy L.  Obit  Cemetery
Sonntag, Roberta Jean (nee Bacon) “Bobbie”  Obit
Sorenson, Curtis E.  Obit  Cemetery
Spade, Gerald L. “Jerry”  Obit  Cemetery
Spink, Cyrus Clinton “Sy”  Obit  Cemetery
Spink, Frank Earl  Obit  Cemetery
Spink, George  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Spink, Jesse S.  Obit  Cemetery
Spink, Walter  Obit  Cemetery
Sprenger, Judith A. (nee Simmons)  Obit
Stafsholt, Duane M.  Obit Cemetery
Stahlke, Chelsea Elizabeth-Anne  Obit
Staley, Lucille Olava (nee Westbye)  Obit  Cemetery
Stamm, Mary E. (nee Cawley)  Obit
Stanek, Joseph T.  Obit
Stanek, Timothy John  Obit
Stark, Karen Anne  Obit
Stark, Phillip Carl  Obit  Cemetery
Starr, June Cora (nee Myra)  Obit
Steele, Ashlee Christen (nee Putnam)  Obit  Cemetery
Steffen, Beth Oestreicher   Obit  Cemetery
Steffensen, Brad Lee  Obit
Steindorf, Curtis E.  Obit
Steinmann, Terese Inez “Terri”  Obit  Cemetery
Stenbroten, Lawrence Donald “Donald/Don”  Obit  Cemetery
Stenjem, David G.  Obit  Cemetery
Stevens, Charles Jr. “Big C“  Obit  Cemetery
Stevenson, Jan Marie (nee Johnson)  Obit
Stewart, Margaret “Maggie” (nee O’Brien)  Obit
Stiegert, Kyle W.  Obit
Stoll, John Peter  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Stoneman, Barbara (nee McNeel)   Obit  Cemetery
Stoneman, Gladys May (nee Jones)  Obit  Cemetery
Stoneman, Muriel Esther (nee Onsrud)  Obit  Cemetery
Stoneman, William Thomas “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Stormer, Frances L. (nee Frisch)  Obit
Strand, David L. “Dave”  Obit
Strassman, August “Augie”  Obit
Strassman, Grace Virginia (nee Long)  Obit
Strayer, Norene M. (nee Richardson)  Obit
Strobeck, Amy Lynn (nee Lizotte)  Obit
Stuart, Kristina (nee Cuthbert)  Obit  Cemetery
Stubbs, David Rodger  Obit  Cemetery
Stucker, Darren Michael  Obit
Studesville, Alfonso “Al” Jr.  Obit
Studesville, Janet (nee Barry)  Obit
Stuessy, Frieda E. (nee Hefty)  Obit
Sutfin, Joyce J. (nee Nafzger)  Obit  Cemetery
Sutherland, Henry J  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Ann Marie (nee Masterson)  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Dana Lee (nee Barnabo)  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Enid (nee Blaney)  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Mary Ann (nee Whalen)  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Patrick  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Richard Edward “Dick”  Obit  Cemetery
Sweeney, Robert John “Bob”, Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Swender, Carol Jean (nee Zittlow)  Obit  Cemetery
Sylvester, Diane Jean (nee Wolff)  Obit  Cemetery
Symdon, Darleen A. (nee Steiner)  Obit  Cemetery
Symdon, Roger O.  Obit  Cemetery
Syring, Robert H. “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Taylor, Donna L. (nee Madsen)  Obit
Taylor, Forrest D.  Obit  Cemetery
Teasdale, William C. “Willy”  Obit  Cemetery
Tereba, Annette Jane  Obit  Cemetery
Theis, Aaron Lee  Obit
Theobald, Colleen M. (nee Burns)  Obit
Thomas, Maria Antoinette (nee Cambarare)  Obit  Cemetery
Thompson, Adeline M. (nee Rupnow)  Obit
Thompson, Kenneth Charles “Kenny”  Obit
Thompson, Madelyn Y. (nee McGlinsley)  Obit  Cemetery
Thompson, Mary Kathleen (nee Lacy)  Obit  Cemetery
Thompson, Paul D.  Obit  Cemetery
Thoreson, Coral  Obit  Cemetery
Tieman, Robert G. “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Tifft, Eileen Francis (nee McKee)  Obit
Tilley, Arthur Loren Jr.  Obit
Tippett, Ronald C. “Ron:  Obit
Titus, Altha Myrtie (nee Spink)  Obit  Cemetery
Titus, David  Obit  Cemetery
Titus, Emma Elizabeth  Cemetery
Titus, Ernest Charles  Obit  Cemetery
Titus, Wesley Albert  Obit  Cemetery
Tollefsbol, Kacee Michelle (nee Putnam)  Obit  Cemetery
Torrens, Sharon Lynn (nee Eisenschink)  Obit  Cemetery
Totz, Boyce Frederick  Obit
Tracy, Jeffrey Scott “JT”  Obit
Trameri, Ruth M. (nee Skelly)  Obit  Cemetery
Tranmal, George Allan  Obit  Cemetery
Travis, James  Obit  Cemetery
Travis, Stephen  Obit  Cemetery
Trexel, Vava Elizabeth “Betty” (nee Barker)  Obit  Cemetery
Tridle, Marion “Ed” Edward  Obit
Troia, Angela M.  Obit
Troia, John Vincent  Obit  Cemetery
True, Susan A.  Obit  Cemetery
Trummer, Timothy John  Obit
Turk, Timothy R. “Turtle”  Obit  Cemetery
Turner, Brett Paul  Obit
Udelhofen-Clark, Kathryn Susan “Katie”  Obit
Uphoff, Louise Joan (nee Backer)  Obit
Uphoff, Mary Jo (nee Weiler)  Obit  Cemetery
Urben, John Walter  Obit
Usher, Catherine Jane Eva  Obit  Cemetery
Usher, Francis W.  Obit  Cemetery
Utarid, Stella Marie (nee Lucas)  Obit
Van Hoesen, Daniel Luke  Obit  Cemetery
Van Kirk, Dolores (nee Hause)  Obit  Cemetery
Varney, Matthew Edward  Obit  Cemetery
Vembu, Kelly Marion Smith (nee Kennalee)  Obit  Cemetery
Venden, Donald W.  Obit  Cemetery
Venden, Steven J.  Obit  Cemetery
VerHagen, Larry Edward “Papa” Sr.  Obit  Cemetery
Vincent, Frances (nee Koch)  Obit  Cemetery
Viviani, Colleen B. (nee Stassi)  Obit  Cemetery
Vogel, Natallie Jo (nee Dawson)  Obit
Vogelsberger, Dorothy Theresa  Obit
Vogelsberger, James Eugene  Obit
Volkening, Dale Thomas  Obit  Cemetery
Volkman, Landon Arthur  Obit  Cemetery
Vondra, Eldon Charles  Obit
Vraga, Rosemary M. (nee Lehman)  Obit  Cemetery
Vreeland, Marianna Cadman (nee Moss)  Obit  Cemetery
Vreeland, William C.  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, George Washington  Cemetery
Vroman, Gordon B.  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, Hiram  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, Joseph  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, Lawrence S. “Larry”  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, Mary (nee Westrope)  Obit  Cemetery
Vroman, Rosalie W. (nee Schoepp)  Obit  Cemetery
Wachholz, LaVerne Joy  Obit  Cemetery
Wackman, Susan Althea (nee Terwilliger)  Obit
Wade, Dorothy Jenkins (nee Henning)  Obit  Cemetery
Waggener, Wilson “Bud”  Obit
Wagner, Albert R.  Obit  Cemetery
Wagner, Kennedy Noelle  Obit
Wallace, Catherine (nee Farrell)  Obit  Cemetery
Wallace, Francis E. “Frank”  Obit  Cemetery
Wallace, Lucinda  Obit
Wallace, Lucy (nee Deggs)  Obit
Wallace, Paul Z.  Obit  Cemetery
Wallace, Renee L. (nee Marcott)  Obit
Ward, Richard Jackson  Obit
Warren, Ramona (nee Kivlin)  Obit  Cemetery
Waterbury, Adele V. (nee Stroede)  Obit  Cemetery
Waterbury, Edward Scofield  Obit  Cemetery
Waterman, Thomas E. “Tom”  Obit  Cemetery
Weber, Edwin (Neddie)  Obit  Cemetery
Weber, Francesca “Francie” Maria (Wall)  Obit
Weed, Roy Henry  Obit  Cemetery
Weiss, Ronald  Obit
Welch, Marcia Dee (nee Newcomer)  Obit
Welch, Susan A. (nee Thelaner)  Obit
Wellentin, William L. “Bill”  Obit  Cemetery
Welsh, Judith (Judy) Ann (nee Cournoyer)  Obit
Wendt, Dora M. (nee Geise)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Wendt, Herman Carl  Obit  Cemetery
Wentland, James Robert “Jim”  Obit  Cemetery
Werner, Jacqueline Mary “Jackie” (nee Dahlke)  Obit  Cemetery
Werner, Lawrence Rudolph “Butch”  Obit  Cemetery
Werth, John A.  Obit
Weso, Judith Lynn (nee Schutz)  Obit  Cemetery
Weston, Alan D.  Obit  Cemetery
Weston, Lorraine (Greene) (nee Knipfer)  Obit  Cemetery
Whalen, Anna B. (nee Lyons)  Obit  Cemetery
Whalen, William Patrick “Bump”  Obit  Cemetery
White, Bridget Amelia Glennon)  Obit  Cemetery
White, Emmett Francis  Obit  Cemetery
White, Mathew J.  Obit 1  Obit 2
White, Neal C.  Obit  Cemetery
White, Rose Mary (nee O’Brien)  Obit  Cemetery
Whitehorse, Harry Rubin  Obit 1  Obit 2
Whitson, Thaya “Terri” (nee Hultgren)  Obit  Cemetery
Wiebe, Gay Lorraine (nee Fox)  Obit  Cemetery
Wierman-Godfrey, Kay (nee Koning)  Obit
Wiese, Lynda Marie  Obit  Cemetery
Wildeck, Patricia Louise “Pat” (nee Laufenberg)  Obit  Cemetery
Wildeck, Robert W. “Bob”  Obit  Cemetery
Williams, Carol K. (nee Hudson)  Obit  Cemetery
Williams, Dorothy A. (nee Rowlands)  Obit  Cemetery
Williams, Mary L.  Obit
Williams, Shirley (nee Stennis)  Obit  Cemetery
Williston, Patricia Ann (nee Alt)  Obit  Cemetery
Willmann, Karl F.  Obit  Cemetery
Wilson, Franklin Delano  Obit
Wilson, Linda S. (nee Jasenksy)  Obit
Wilson, Rosemary “Sandy” (nee Grycowski)  Obit  Cemetery
Wipperfurth, Kathleen A. “Kay” (nee Sweeney)  Obit  Cemetery
Witherspoon, Joyce Lianne nee Couch)  Obit  Cemetery
Woit, Thomas H.  Obit  Cemetery
Wolenec, Caroline M. (nee Spoerle)  Obit 1  Obit 2  Cemetery
Wolf, Fred Leo  Obit  Cemetery
Wolf, Robert Lee  Obit
Wood, John Franklin  Obit
Woods, Irene M. (nee Byrne)  Obit
Woodward, Helen Dorothy (nee Marty)  Obit  Cemetery
Woodward, Merrill Manley  Obit  Cemetery
Wright, Harold  Obit
Wright, Jeremy C.  Obit
Wright, Mary “Elaine”  Obit
Wright, Norman  Obit  Cemetery
Wright, Wilbur C. “Bill”  Obit
Wulf, Barbara J.  Obit  Cemetery
Wyman, Ida Dora  Obit 1  Obit 2
Wysocki, John F.  Obit  Cemetery
Wyss, Albert A. “Al”  Obit  Cemetery
Zach, Elinor Anita (nee Kelsey)  Obit  Cemetery
Zach, Richard Eugene  Obit  Cemetery
Zach, Theodore Richard “Ted”  Obit  Cemetery
Zache, Jody Jean  Obit
Zawadsky, John Hartman  Obit
Zier, Raymond F. “Ray”  Obit  Cemetery
Zietlow, Roberta Barbara (nee LeCount)  Obit  Cemetery
Zimdars, Diane L. (nee Felker)  Obit  Cemetery
Zorko, James Anton  Obit
Zorko, Mary Ann (nee Igl)  Obit
Zupan, Martin  Obit
Zwadzich, John Jerome Joseph  Obit  Cemetery
Zweifel, Harold J. “Red”  Obit  Cemetery